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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Before I was Born

A story of an event before I began my adventure in form here on this planet, sweet Goddess Earth....

A Preconception Performance....

Before I was born, I remember walking up to a microphone on a humble theatre stage. I walked up to it and a single small spot light quickly was pointed on me, and I could really only see the light and the microphone, but I had something I wanted to say to the audience in attendance.
So I started speaking, I addressed all the people I would ever meet, impact, affect or cause any sort of any feeling, reaction, action or any sort of awareness shift differently than if they had never had any interaction with me. I addressed them and told them I forgave them for any sort of reaction, action, emotion, feeling or even just imagined harm, hurt or any sort of energetic offering upon me that I might otherwise allow karma to touch for the both of us... I just forgave it before it even occurred. I forgave it before I was even CONCEIVED. 
Now, as I stood there on that little stage, I suddenly became aware of just how large that audience was who was listening in on me. Trillions and trillions strong at first and ever-expanding through time and space? Apparently, this theatre I was in got really weird due to the nature of the audience I was addressing. Due to my sudden awareness of all-that-I-ever-know-or-knows-me, I became very nervous. I started to stutter a bit, but then, thanks to my ever-present unshakable faith in my very best friend, God Himself, I didn't have to speak alone in this important hour of my not-yet-existence.
So God took the Mic from me and proceeded to add to my admittedly adorable and maybe even naive speech. He also said I was sorry for any and all slights, transgressions, slights and harms I would ever even possibly do, said that I asked forgiveness and offered thanks them all who I trespassed on in such a way, using the power of the Hawai'ian word "Ho'oponopono," which is a one word that means all that plus an added "And I love you too" in with the mix of statements.
God whipped out a heart-felt "Ho'oponopono" upon all of Creation then also on my behalf, then on behalf of the whole Creation, which He is able to speak for as well, turned to me and then looked me in the eyes ( a feat so confusingly impressive I can hardly describe it right now while typing this ) and gave me a heart-felt "Ho'oponopono" from a grateful Creation to me... and added a little speech about how I also forgive and apologize to myself for any and all perceived or factual hurt or harm I'd ever inflict, think about or feel toward myself or anything about myself.
Then the audience erupted in the largest standing ovation I'd ever actually conceived of, spinning my entire reality around a few times when they did. Which is perfect, since the next thing I really remember consciously was a cosmic event when I was a toddler. 
And I was quite a toddler, by the way. I was like a celestial body hurtling past like a meteor or a comet... 
The End?
The Beginning?
Before The Beginning?
Definitely, before The End?
...or maybe long After?
Still reading?
Thank you.
I love you.
Let's be friends for all eternity.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Red Ray - Ray of the Unknown ArchAngel)

The Red Ray.

This Ray, known as the First and The Last, is a cutting off point to hide certain secret Rays that defy human or any other known descriptor. This Ray is what is paramount to the survival of Mankind in this now.  Call on this Ray and ask it to bless God and bless mankind by being free from the influence of the past but with the ability to influence the past itself.

Long Life and Love to us all, an to you all.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Rays of Creation (The Violet Ray: AA ZADKIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Violet Ray: AA ZADKIEL)


by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the sixth post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies on my post on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Yellow Ray of Creation (AA CHAMUEL) at my post on: the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind. And most recently posted, you can read about AA RAPHAEL, the Orange Ray of Creation at the page of the Ray of Knowledge and Science. And finally you can learn of AA GABRIEL, the Emerald Green Ray here on my post on the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art. Finally and most recent, you can read about AA URIEL, the Indigo Ray of Devotion and Idealism.

* * *

It is interesting how the saying "even the best laid plans..." is so true in this life, isn't it?  Tonight I had totally different plans for myself and what I would be spending my time doing, but instead, I sat down and instantly found myself wrapped up in meditations and visualizations working with the Violet Transmuting Flame, which I know as represented as the power of the ArchAngel ZADKIEL. So I called the Violet Flame and asked for it to pour through my body, my mind, my spirit, as well as through my environment.
I'd like to invite you to join with the momentum gained as I enjoyed the Transmuting and powerfully energetically healing and growing essence that IS the Violet Flame:

The Violet Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Transformation and Divine Alchemy."

Violet Ray of Creation

The qualities of this Ray of Creation are as diverse and limitless as the others, but there are important aspects of the Violet Ray to mention. For today, rather than extol by myself about the Violet Ray of Creation, the Ray of Transformation and Divine Alchemy, I would rather invite ArchAngel ZADKIEL to speak through me with a message relative to YOU (the Reader of this Blog) and the World of HERE and NOW:

Violet Angel

"Dear One, our child, our blessed one whom we are so proud of...
There is so much I wish I could convey to you right this moment. There's more words of encouragement, of faith, or support...  
More than anything there are words of all the shades and facets of LOVE,
Love for ALL that you are, ALL of You, and ALL that entails.

Today, I have some instructions for you, followed by some images that help convey the subtext of my meaning, and yes, there are codings within
them that are specific to you at this here and now in your development.

Be whatever you want to Be in this Universe, Creator God or Goddess or anything your sacred heart sets itself on. Be anything in anything you can imagine in any moment, and know it is exactly what you should be in that very moment of your understanding of time. Do as ye will, but please, for you and everyone you hold dear, be HAPPY as much as you can... and never share less gratitude than you can muster at one time.  This life experience is meant to be a gift to all that you are from a grateful loving Universe.

Examine the following photos, visualizing the Violet within each image as wrapping out of the photo into the space around you, hugging you securely in a cocoon of loving violet transforming flame. Speak aloud the next paragraph- or use your mental voice - then examine the photos and pictures that follow, toning the syllables/words in the captions of each picture.

"I invoke the ArchAngel ZADKIEL and the Transforming Energies of the Violet Ray of Creation, the Ray of Transformation and Divine Alchemy.
Blaze, Violet Flame, Blaze through all that I am with the absolute power of your unconditional love, totally freeing me of my karmic debts, releasing my blockages and anything from any time that holds back my progress"
Shine your favor and love upon us, our world, our efforts, our worthy dreams, hopes and aspirations for a better TODAY and TOMORROW!

Blaze Around My World, Violet Ray of Creation, AA ZADKIEL!

Dear Buddha, intone your primordial OM for a resonant harmony with the Violet Ray of Creation, and sing out, Great One! Sing for me and my world, so that we may BE in Purity and Be the TRUTH!!

Begin Development of MER KA BA related technologies, transmutational projects relative to me and my process f

The Circle is complete, let no man, beast, or entity tear it asunder. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Calling the Violet Ray of Creation

The Violet Ray of Creation is used to call forth the violet flame. Call out loud to AA ZADKIEL, asking for the Violet Ray of Creation and the Violet Transmuting Flame. Calling the transformative Energy of this Ray in order to change the quality of energy at will.

Use the Ray of Transformation and Divine Alchemy whenever anything is feeling like it is sticky, stagnant or "lower" dimensional than what you would ideally want to interact with in a conscious waking mind level.  Invoke the Violet Ray and the Violet Flame for communications that are transforming.


Violet or purple gemstone, particularly AMETHYST, are exactly what is best suited to focusing the call and result of invoking this Ray of Creation. Again, the gemstones and crystals are not mandatory, and you can call on any of the Rays of Creation at any time, regardless, but carrying some Amethyst or meditating on this sacred stone can aid in the integration of this powerful tool as well as facilitate the interaction between your energies and the powerful universal force that is the ArchAngel ZADKIEL.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Arthur C. Clark's Three Laws of Scientific Progress

Years ago I published this to a blog I used to be much better at maintaining, one on Real UFO Sightings and related alien stuff... It is interesting food for thought, but the last sentence of the post makes me smile a bit.  I'd answer my own question with a nod and a "They would be us, and we would be them. We are that, too."

Arthur C. Clarke's Three Laws

by Robert Hughey 

The three "laws of scientific progress and prediction"
as formulated by the British writer Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur C. Clark

The Three Laws are:

  1.  When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Clark's Third Law

science and magic
Science and Magic!

Personally, I'd like to fully hit the point home for... well, really for myself and my own miraculous experiences and conclusions that may be a wild goose chase, brought on by Advanced Technology.

Advanced Alien Technology would be indistinguishable from perceived Divinity.  

Truly, it could completely emulate that which a human being on Earth would easily call God.

So truly, advanced civilizations - millions of years beyond the technology level where we've been allowed to enjoy, what is the difference between them and the Divine? 

Honest question and sincere question: to a human, would such advanced lifeforms truly be Gods - at least in comparison to us?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Team: Every Moment is Ripe With Potential

The Team: Every Moment Is Ripe With Potential


Cosmic Light

We are here observing your reactions to the fast moving energies and frequencies you are experiencing. We know that you are feeling the acceleration. These are powerful times to be in physical form, alive and witnessing this shift. We also acknowledge that these unfolding events are challenging. Let us assure you that you are up to the job of anchoring and stabilizing this rise in consciousness. Remember that every moment is ripe with potential.

We want to address the galactic waves that are bathing humanity. Each individual as well as the collective is influenced by what might be called galactic weather or space weather. These waves and frequencies not only influence but truly prompt the actions of humanity. More and more of your scientists are bringing clarity to this phenomenon, recognizing that the consciousness of individuals and the collective responds to the prompting of solar flares and full moons as well as coronal mass ejections from your sun.

It is known that during full moons there is an increase in violence. The gravitational pull of the moon affects your oceans and since humans are at least 75% water, they too are affected and influenced by the moon. Governments around the world are aware of the power of solar flares and how that energy can, and often does, interrupt your electronic readings, the communications of aircraft and the many satellites circling your earth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Rays of Creation (The Indigo Ray: AA URIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Indigo Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the fifth post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies on my post on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Yellow Ray of Creation (AA CHAMUEL) at my post on: the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind. And most recently posted, you can read about AA RAPHAEL, the Orange Ray of Creation at the page of the Ray of Knowledge and Science. And finally you can learn of AA GABRIEL, the Emerald Green Ray here on my post on the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.

It is a very interesting time for me to be writing about ArchAngel URIEL.  Before focusing on this Ray of Creation, the Indigo Ray, I came across an interesting guided meditation which had the stated purpose of "attuning with AA Uriel." I thought that attuning or aligning with AA URIEL before creating this Page sounded like an excellent idea. Halfway through the meditation where the listener or meditator is asking for AA URIEL to come visit and examine one's energy system.  It was about that time that I started to nod off a bit (something I am prone to with guided meditations lately).  

All I really recall was jumping up like someone had reached over and tickled me. I awoke to feel like a large sparrow or even a hawk had wrapped its wings around my entire body. It was then that I asked if the energetic Presence was AA URIEL, and since then I've been intimately getting to know this ArchAngel while the Angel is working on my energy system. Here's that video with the attunment meditation. 

The Indigo Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Devotion and Idealism."

ArchAngel URIEL

AA URIEL - The Indigo Ray of Creation

The Indigo Ray of Creation, the Ray of Devotion and Idealism is called forth for "Devotion, leading to active demonstrations of love."  Calling out to ArchAngel URIEL and invoking the Indigo Ray of Creation has an immediate effect upon you, as the Ray of Creation strengthens your commitment to your ideals and bolsters your willingness to forgive, yourself and others.

Uses of the Indigo Ray of Creation

The Ray of Devotion and Idealism increases one's desire for peace and peaceful resolution of conflicts, perceived or experienced actively.   Call the Indigo Ray and AA URIEL to experience around and within you an atmosphere of devotion, faith and gratitude.

Idealism and Devotion are especially important in one's everyday life, not just in matters of spirituality. Your ideals are literally what you hold true to be the "best case scenario" of the way the world works, why you exist (your "Purpose") or even why the world even exists. Ideals could be said to be the Foundation of your personal understanding of reality. As a Creator Being, your own personal understanding and belief-structure of reality is of great importance. Calling to AA URIEL and utilizing the energies of the Indigo Ray of Creation is like strengthening the support for that Foundation, enabling stronger or more-stable structures to built upon it.

The Devotional aspects of this Ray's energies may at first seem to be of a particular personal nature, as different people are devoted to different things at different times in their lives, right? But amid all that diversity of opinion, there is again an underlying foundation of commitment, whether one wants to call it our innate trust in that which we could call God, Goddess, the Creators or the Gods, or a devotion to the underlying laws of the Universe or the current understandings of Science and Physics. Devotion is an important aspect of that foundation for the belief structures we build and build upon as we live our lives.

ArchAngel URIEL - Ray of Devotion and Idealism
Indigo Angel Wings

Indigo Ray's Effects on Interaction and Communication

Use the Ray of Devotion and Idealism for more peaceful communications, between you and others, you and aspects of self and peaceful interactions of others influenced by or within your energy field. To actively demonstrate love in communications, call for ArchAngel URIEL's blessing.

Calling AA URIEL and invoking the energies of the Indigo Ray of Creation for communications, actions and interactions involving forgiveness and to incorporate gratitude into communication.

To assist tapping into the energies of the Ray of Devotion and Idealism and to help focus your energetic harmonization with the Ray of Creation, ArchAngel URIEL, utilize Ruby, symbolic of the blood of the Christ, an idealized representative of exalted and sacred devotion from the last Age.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Rays of Creation (The Orange Ray : AA RAPHAEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Orange Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the fourth post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies on my post on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Yellow Ray of Creation (AA CHAMUEL) at my post on: the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind. And most recently posted, you can read about AA GABRIEL, the Emerald Green Ray here on my post on the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.

For the three previous posts on the Rays of Creation, I recognized that each Ray can also be represented by a Day of the Week as well as symbolic of a Day of Creation from the Creation Story written of in Genesis. Today's post actually was a bit different than the previous ones. First off, it's been a week since I posted, and it could be said that the momentum from the Orange Ray of Creation has been building up since last week. Now this is a bit strange to admit, but when I woke up today, it was actually two days ahead of now. It's odd to put into words like this, but I had a goddess have to make a point of telling me I was "ahead of myself" and help me get back to this current time.  

So from my experience, it was Thursday when I needed to be experiencing Tuesday.
Why is this relevant?  Well, the Orange Ray is the Ray of the 4th Day of Creation, Thursday, named for "Thor" the "God of Thunder" and "Heir to the Throne" in many different symbols across human culture. Thor's Day "Thursday" is a powerfully energetic day, and for my own working understanding of these divine energies of Creation, I interact and am enjoying the process of working with the vast energies and face of the Creator that present to my level of comprehension as the ArchAngel RAPHAEL.

The Orange Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Knowledge and Science."


AA RAPHAEL: Orange Ray: Knowledge and Science.

Interactions with the ArchAngel 

      I have an interesting story to share about my own interaction with the powerful and loving radiance that is my understanding of the ArchAngel RAPHAEL.  I asked permission to share it here, and if there was ever a way to energetically convey a "rolling of the eyes" expression with the answer of "whatever" combined with "if you want, go ahead," then that would be a basic way to describe the response I'm even getting right this moment as I write this paragraph.

     Starting several months ago I began creating visual art for the first time in decades. I quickly found myself creating really interesting abstract pieces that each represented symbolic understanding of different Angelic Essences - all ArchAngels, but each a different ArchAngel I was coming to find involved in my life experience on a personal level. With each picture, I would ask the ArchAngel that was the focus of it to please focus away from the picture as much as possible while I was making it because I very much wanted to share the very human experience of a "surprise gift" with the ArchAngel. I must admit that I'm rather impressed still that each ArchAngel was able to both help me create the picture as well as keep a good bit of their focus off of it so I could have a "revealing."

        The picture created in honor of AA RAPHAEL is quite beautiful. It looks like "sound waves" rolling across it (as the "music of the spheres") and a symbolic ArchAngel riding atop and along in harmony with the celestial sounds.  At least, that's how i currently interpret it.  When I had the big moment of reveal to AA RAPHAEL, I don't mean to sound disappointed, but His response wasn't exactly to jump up and down with excitement. He was very calm, very kind about it, didn't say anything negative about it at all, but was quite balanced in response. Since I honestly was aiming at really "wowing" the ArchAngel, I almost felt like I didn't quite meet expectation. least, I felt that way until it was time to put the picture in a frame.

The frame I had for the picture was a little smaller than the entire picture I had created, but I saw that I could easily fold in two sides of the picture to frame it perfectly. And that's exactly what I started to do, bend in the sides of the picture.  I would say I wasn't even halfway through with one side of the picture when I suddenly had a VERY up-close and personal ArchAngel RAPHAEL with me. I don't have the exact words to describe exactly the emotions and message he expressed in his entrance, but it was a combination of "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PICTURE?" and "DON'T MESS IT UP!" I also believed or thought I could sense an underlying love and appreciation that I did not realize was there all along regarding the picture, its creation and the energies and connections that were strengthened by the creation of the picture.

 I was able to explain myself and what my intentions were that day, but AA RAPHAEL was right there beside me, practically holding the frame while I molded the picture into the right shape for the framing. At the time, I was mostly touched by what I was feeling, but looking back, I am glad I didn't really focus on the very present "don't mess up" energy that was being communicated too.

ArchAngel RAPHAEL's Orange Ray is Knowledge and Science, and one might say upon first solid two-way conversation between us, He felt very much the Scientist or Clinician (AA RAPHAEL is also well-known for His focus on Medicine and the Healing Sciences), but perhaps unlike the Human Healers He blesses and supports, He both cultivates clinical detachment while at the same time is completely another face of the unconditional powerful loving energies of SOURCE. He's one of what I choose to recognize as God, along with His Creator, as what I have been shown as "ArchAngel" and the -EL ending to their names point out: they are one and the same with that which I call "The Father" or "Mother-Father God."

I do realize I'm being shown baby steps of comprehension of Divinity. I also create angels, orbs and Djinn, as I have long considered myself the Apprentice of Heavenly Father, ever since I was asked who was my ultimate role model and I just knew in my heart that my only answer was that I wanted to be like God, as much as I possibly could.
It was soon after then that I began a conscious contact and conversation with the multidimensional God who is Love. And it is in working with these ArchAngels and the Rays of Creation, that very real and positive change is occurring in me and my life experience.

Enough so that I am being more open about my interactions with the ArchAngels publically like this, as perhaps the same blessings will be felt by those that read these posts on the Rays of Creation. 

I wanted to share this story about AA RAPHAEL here for several reasons. I wanted to share my personal experience that has taught me that the ArchAngels are very multi-leveled in their feelings, not unlike humans in their understanding of the wide range of emotions and feelings we experience in our human lives. Though I'd say the ArchAngels and perhaps many of the Angelic Races may also share this, but they do seem to be much better in control of what they express or emote energetically, from thoughts to emotions. And I also wished to share that in my experience, the ArchAngels have very real and different personalities, different interests, distinctive essences to each one of them...
and yet.... I don't have the right words to describe the depth of their love - love that is unconditionally shared in a way I'm aspiring to be an example of in my life. 

It's that underlying POWERFUL love that is unifying and alike in all of them, and I have no better words other than to recognize the powerful Divinity they are and its "Love without Conditions" that colors all of what they are and what they do.  Each AA has untold eons (and more) of experience, and yet, it feels wrong to say they each are anything less than a whole and complete perspective of that which is the energy that Creates Worlds.

But that would be a little scary for me to start off with in my direct interactions, I guess. Baby steps, right?  So we're learning of the Rays of Creation here together, while keeping aware of the magnitude of what we're working with, we are still invited to call on the Rays as they are offered here and to receive the blessings of each of the energies, entities and divinities represented by each Ray as each ArchAngel.

* * *

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Emerald Green Ray - AA GABRIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Emerald Green Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the third post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies of creation and the overview of the Rays of Creation by going to my post on the Blue Ray here: my page on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind (AA CHAMUEL) at my post here on: the Yellow Ray of Creation.

As I write this, today is Wednesday, named for the God "Woton" making it "Woton's Day." Today's Ray of Creation is symbolically represented by the Third Day of Creation. The Great God Woton, perhaps best known as "Odin," is also named "Indra" "Zeus" or "Jupiter," representing the divine energies of the planetary consciousness of the beautiful gas giant, the largest of planets in our Solar System.

Wednesday's Ray of Creation is the Emerald Green Ray, led by Archangel GABRIEL..

The Emerald Green Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art."


Emerald Green Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art

Meeting an ArchAngel 

The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is represented by the Divine energies of the ArchAngel GABRIEL.

AA GABRIEL is a Ray of Creation I was especially looking forward to writing about in this series. It is a little strange to put down in writing, but the honest truth is that I spent a day with AA GABRIEL about a year or so ago. I don't mean his non-physical or energetic Presence either. I spent the day with an actual physical being, who introduced himself as Gabriel, and he then proceeded to quickly reveal himself as the ArchAngel.

Briefly, I'll share some of what it was like to meet AA GABRIEL.

To sum up the whole evening we spent talking together, I'd have to say that the ArchAngel blew my socks off.  What I mean is, it was absolutely as much a challenge as it was a pleasure and honor to spend time with Him.
He knew everything about me, and I do mean everything. He didn't bat an eye at bringing up extremely personal details of my life, from what I was struggling with to issues and important lessons that the Angels had been trying to convey to me many, many times - and I just kept missing them! 

AA GABRIEL went from one subject to the next very rapidly, truly making the point to me that I was dealing with an extremely advanced being. He was humorous, silly at times, more charming than you'd believe, and he was very serious about trying to help me understand how the Angels were in my life and trying to help me.

It's actually quite a shame that it's taken me an entire year to write about meeting AA GABRIEL. I think I may have let worries about what others would think about me get in the way of sharing the meeting. 

But you know what? Instead of dwelling on my past worries, I'm simply going to decide I had not written of meeting the ArchAngel yet because the absolutely perfect time to write about Him is here on this particular blog post in this series on the Rays of Creation. I did not know AA GABRIEL as the Emerald Green Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art when I met Him, but I certainly did discover His incredible love of music and harmony, which is something I share with Him on a profoundly deep level. 

Since meeting Him, it's been suggested to me that my own gifts and talents of Harmony, Beauty and Art are perhaps due to the blessings of the energies of the Emerald Green Ray, the energies I am pleased to know as the ArchAngel GABRIEL.

* * *

Benefits and Uses of the Emerald Green Ray

The Rays of Creation encompass the total spectrum of Light, and the Emerald Green Ray is representative as what humans see as "Green" in the Material Plane. This focus of these energies of Creation is perhaps because we humans tend to be most focused more on our Physical Body and our physical presence in the Material Plane, making it our primary focal point. 

GREEN gems, crystals and stones when utilized with the energies of the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will create harmony and balance, energetically speaking of course, but these gemstones and crystals will assist you in bringing harmony and balance to many very real aspects of your life. Added benefit of using green stones (such as peridot, emerald and tourmaline) with the blessing and support of AA GABRIEL will actively work to equalize and balance disharmonious behaviors, feelings and thoughts, changing the very way your life path is progressing toward a more balanced, harmonious work of art - as it was intended to be.

Another color associated with AA GABRIEL and this Ray of Creation is WHITE.  The color white is associated with purity and purification, and utilizing white gemstones and crystals, such as diamond or quartz crystals, will aid in purification processes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Yellow Ray: AA CHAMUEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Yellow Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the second post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies of creation and the overview of the Rays of Creation by going to my post on the Blue Ray, known as the Ray of Love and Wisdom

Today is Tuesday, named for the God "Tiw" making it "Tiw's Day." Today's Ray of Creation is symbolically represented by the Second Day of Creation in Genesis. The Gaelic God Tiw is also named "Mars," representing the male divine energies of the planetary consciousness of the beautiful red planet.  

Tuesday's Ray of Creation is the Yellow Ray, led by Archangel CHAMUEL.

The Yellow Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind"

Archangel CHAMUEL
Archangel CHAMUEL, Yellow Ray
Yellow Ray of Creation: ArchAngel CHAMUEL

The Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind is represented by the Divine energies of the ArchAngel CHAMUEL.

She is the ArchAngel of Tuesday, and can be recognized as the ArchAngel of the planet Mars in our Solar System, a planet known for its masculine active energies, while ArchAngel CHAMUEL manifest Herself as the more passive receptive feminine energies, though She (like all the Rays of Creation) represent and have full command of all the energies or "colors" of the energies of Creation.

The Rays of Creation encompass the total spectrum of Light, and the Yellow Ray is representative as what humans see as "yellow" in the Material Plane. This is because we humans tend to be most focused currently on our Physical Body and our lives in the Material Plane as our primary focal point. 

YELLOW gems, crystals and stones when utilized with the energies of the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind will refine the intellectual aspects of your mental computational and processing abilities, allowing your left brain to compute logic more efficiently, your right brain to process symbolism and abstract concepts faster, and the power of the Yellow Ray also assists the connections and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, which can be enhanced by working with ArchAngel CHAMUEL and focusing with yellow crystals and gemstones.

ArchAngel CHAMUEL, Yellow Angel Wings
Yellow Ray of Creation: Intelligence and Higher Mind

Invocation of the Yellow Ray of Creation 

Invoke the Yellow Ray and the ArchAngel CHAMUEL for active intelligence which is grounded, meaning to enhance your mind's abilities and bring your awareness "down to Earth" and focused. The Yellow Ray can also be invoked for motivation, encouragement to act and for assistance in staying with a vision until it becomes manifest.

The energies of the Yellow Ray are associated with various deities and divine beings. Working through the ArchAngel CHAMUEL as the Yellow Ray and an ArchAngel of Creation is a simplification or a consolidation of the personalities and mythos of the divine energies associated with this portion of the vast energies of Creation.  

The Yellow Ray of Creation:

ArchAngel CHAMUEL is one of the first ArchAngels I have interacted with personally. Her incredible energies to be more toward the Divine Feminine talents of creation and receptivity. Her fiercely focused intellect inherently enhances the Higher Mind of anyone interacting with Her energies, and she especially has an interesting effect on any sort of Procrastination or lack of motivation.  As I'm working with Her today to write this post, I find myself typing faster and faster as Her energies motivate me to finish and share the Yellow Ray of Creation by sharing this post. I also am finding creative inspiration seems to flow much faster and smoother than what I consider my "normal" flow of thought.  She has quite the effect on higher thinking abilities...  I must admit I find it exhilerating.

Communication Enhancement and Uses of the Yellow Ray

Using the powerful energies of the Yellow Ray of Creation, the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind, will enhance the intelligent understanding of communications, grounding those involved, and allow for communications between various beings of diverse densities, dimensionality and distance.

With this powerful collection of energies led by ArchAngel CHAMUEL, I have found I am able to communicate with members of many different realms and kingdoms, from the Green Kingdom, Animal Kingdom to Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Life that shares the planet with Humanity. I've actually made some acquaintances and growing friendships with some true "alien" life, leading to a feeling that such aren't so "alien" after all. We're different, certainly, but we are united in our interest in mutual understanding, the greater good and, of particular interest to me, a mutual idea of perspectives on "Faith." 

Invoking and utilizing, co-creating and experiencing the energies of the Yellow Ray is as easy as speaking out loud a vocal request for the Yellow Ray led by ArchAngel CHAMUEL to assist you in your life, your communications and any other aspect of your life experience where you would receive benefit by enhancing intelligence and higher thinking.

That's probably most areas of anyone's life, now that I think about it.

Please share with me your experiences as you call for the Yellow Ray of Creation and Archangel CHAMUEL's Presence in your life.  May you have a most enlightening and enjoyable experience with the Rays of Creation. 

Bless you and thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Blue Ray - AA JOPHIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Blue Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

There is a lot of information around about Archangels and different Rays of Creation. Upon searching through the information as well as with my own creation abilities, I began interacting with the energies of Creation, the energies that continue to work, create and exist around us and the heavenly bodies of the solar system, galaxy and universe itself.

So I am creating a framework alongside these Energies of Creation. As humans, we "see" 1% of the Light Spectrum, and we consolidate that rainbow of colors to seven primary colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. These can be called the "Rays of Creation" to work with the many, many energies that come together to form us and the creation we are a  part of.

Each Ray of Creation also corresponds to a day of the week and a Day of Creation (from the symbolic story of the Genesis Story). I am beginning with the first day of Creation, Monday (which is today actually, how convenient), known as the "Moon Day," and the first Ray of Creation can be collectively called the Archangel of the Moon, representing the energies, divinities, supportive beings and lifeforms of our beloved Moon.

This Ray appears as "Blue" in Material Plane. This is not necessarily related to those individuals who are said to be "Blue Ray Incarnations," though the energies of this Ray are certainly a part of the creation and guidance of such individuals. All the Rays of Creation are present in the lives of all human beings, as together they work in divine perfection to create, maintain, evolve and fulfill the divine plan of the creation.

The Blue Ray has many "colors" as all the Rays do; they each can and do utilize the entire spectrum of Light. 

The Blue Ray of Creation is the "Ray of Love and Wisdom"

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Be Here and Now!


By Robert Hughey

Focusing on not only owning the present moment or the all-important "Now," but understanding that where you are needed more than anywhere else in all the Universe is right exactly where you are located at the exact Present Time. Your exact location, place and space.

Focusing on the Present Timespace

Where are you right now?

That question seems simple, but the expanded view of the answer demands one look deeper. Your mind, conscious and subconscious, is undoubtably more that only at your current location. Perhaps you're thinking or even dwelling on something in your memory. 

Perhaps you are thinking of other People and other Places you'd rather be. 
There is an infinite number of places and spaces for you to mentally project yourself, and your subconscious mind may be working through and processing, creating connections, symbols and significance to related and perceived unrelated places, spaces and things.

Right at this moment, let's get as much of you in the HERE as possible. Sit or stand straight up and look around at your surroundings. Looking at something, declaratively speak to something and tell it what it is. For me, I see my bedroom and look down at a sweet ball of fur. 

"You're a cat! You are a cat!" 

Touch what you're talking to if you can, or reach toward it and imagine touching it as you identify it. Now, while touching it or reaching toward it, speak at it telling it what it is as well as where it is, describing the location and place where it is. 

"You're a cat! You're a cat on my bed! You're a cat in my bedroom on my bed!"

This action, especially while speaking and declaring or defining something creates a massive amount of focus in your conscious mind, and the repetition and specifics of place and space creates focus and instructs the subconscious more about where the current "Here" location and space to focus on should be. It is now going to process more on the current space and time, and your continued conscious effort to define and declare what you perceive right now in your "here" adds to the collective power of your subconscious focus and processing power.  

Working as a team in exercises like this are communication methods between conscious mind and the rest of our brain and nervous system's processing power. Bringing as much of your focus to the "here" as well as the "now" is empowering, invigorating and your insight, intuition and natural talents are augmented exponentially. 

The more "here and now" you become, the more effective you are in the time and space where you currently reside. Later, we'll discuss how you can focus so much and multidimensionally into one timespaceplace location that it become possible to "jump" to other timespaceplace's "mentally" to acquire wisdom, data and knowledge from them.

That's a bit advanced for right here and now, but feel welcome to experiment with whatever feels right to you. 

Please share your experiences with me too!