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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ascension of Earth: Realization of the Great Dream (Video)

Ascension of Earth (Part 10)
Realization of the Great Dream

Ascension: Opening the Gates to the New Earth
Transfiguration Portal

Message received regarding the current phase of my path: Realization of the Great Dream.  

How many roads have passed for birth of a New Might
How far it seems the threshold You have left as Gods!
Oh, Angel Golden-winged, when you realize all from the Heart
You will remember your Dream, then give it bless!

Having collected the experience of Your Wisdom and learned its sacred core,
You will receive the Power of ORIGIN to turn the Dream into reality! 
Your Dream is coming true, realized the Power of the One,
Blessed Angel, God and Human, to be creative is your destiny!

You have expanded with experience the Thought of God, with Love it saturated, 
And new Dream is so hurrying the Greatest Gods-Creators to enthrall!
You will be blessed forever for Beauty you again create!
You’ll hurry to Give and Live and to expand the God’s World!

My progress on this path to join the ranks of creative beings has been one that has reached the point it defies description, and I finally came to the realization that I simply can't satisfactorily explain myself to anyone else who hasn't walked my entire path in my shoes.  

So I put out to the Universe that I was done receiving any comment or criticism from any beings, of any stature, who had not done just that very thing: been right here with me every step of the path I take.

And you know, there are fewer more humbling things to then have beings then come forward to let you know they had been with you every step of this life I live, that they loved me and knew me as closer than family because of this experience, so they certainly held no judgement but also had many ideas for improvement of my experience.

In short, they wanted to bless me but were asking me to please bless them by accepting their blessings.

"Humbling" isn't even the right word for all of this.  It's more like I can only pray that with every passion moment of my Ascension continues that what I become and am able to do is some sort of paying forward all that I have been given. When the divine components of the Universe bless you with everything they possibly could, the only response is to follow the lead of such a God/Goddess and share the wisdom, knowledge and experience freely and openly, so that all may benefit from it.

This is the final stage of the opening up of the New Earth, connecting the various Archangelic Energies and Divine Aspects of Being together in harmony, where the current phase of the Divine Plan is completed and what was simply Horus' "Dream" or a "What if scenario" is blessed to move another step toward actual permanent reality.

ALL blessings and glory to the Divine,
to the One, to All plus, within and
around our sacred divine being:
and for my time and place in heaven,
I freely and eternally radiate and
absorb in perfect flow,
ever-lasting and unyielding
Love and Gratitude


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