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Friday, August 8, 2014

I Sing a Song to My Heart

I Sing a Song to My Heart

“I sing a song to my heart. I sing a song to my heart. I bring pure love and reprise. I know that I am a deity. I know that I have come here to spread the magic of love. By the power invested in me by my higher self and the source of eternal flame. I ask thee to release me form the bondages of time. I ask thee the to release me of bondages of slavery from which I have come, the slavery to the EGO, the slavery to that with which I have infused my own being

Through the endless incarnations of my ancestors of whom the DNA structure of my vehicle has been acquired

Through the endless incarnations of the codices of pain and suffering,

Through the endless karmic existence of the DNA structure of the body and the vehicle that I am inhabiting

Through the endless war and the endless war misconception and misunderstanding of reality in eons prior I RELEASE ALL THAT STANDS IN MY WAY TO PURITY. I RECALL THAT WHICH I AM.

Through the seed I ask that I be connected to the infinite potential of my being, to the infinite potential of my I AM presence, I ask to be further released, replenished, reconstructed, to the new understanding of my present reality, to the new understanding off that which I am, for I am that which has come, I am that which has gone, I am that which remains, I AM.

I am the seed of love and I am the seed of peace, I am the seed of eternal flame of the violet

I am the seed of eternal flame of the golden particles of GOD

For the God that is within me shall come forth and rise above and through the illusion set before me by the matrix of my own creation.

I set forth the encodings, I release the encoded structures of the ancients, for the ancient structure of life, no longer pertains to that which I am.

The ancient understanding of life, the karmic wheel of life no longer has any association with thaw which I am

For I have not come from the wheel of karma, for I have been brought into the spherical existence of the matrix earth, from eons prior, eons past, eons into the future and the now moment of time.

For I have risen form the ashes of those who have come before me. For I have risen form the ashes of that which no longer belongs to me. For I am not that which my ancestors wished me to be, for I am not that which I have been brought to believe that I am, for I am that which I AM!

For I AM an infinite being of love and understanding. For I am an infinite potential of the cosmic gateways. For I am the power of cosmic proportions. For I am eternal being of light and life.

For I relinquish the power of my ego. I relinquish the power of all who have wielded the power over me for eons past. I relinquish and let go. I LET GO and ALLOW the love and the wings of protection to embrace me in a space of eternal understanding of light, eternal understanding of peace, eternal understanding of my creator self.

For with love and peace and harmony I create, for with the determination of a thousand lyrical songs of the angels I bring forth the light of my creator self,

For through the structural abundance of my grids I AM. For I AM.

Peace and harmony and joy and love and light be onto those who come before me who are presently incarnated on the karmic wheel of life.

Peace and Joy and unconditional love shall embrace all who sing a song of destruction, for through the power of my I AM presence I embrace them all into an unconditional violet flame of love, and as they sing a song of destruction the words shall lose all meaning within their brains, and their heart codes shall activate fully and completely, pushing out all that does not belong, pushing out all that has no place in a world of peace, abundance and love.

For the peace that I feel for all of mankind, for all of my beloved children shall spring forth and give rise to a new world, a world of love and light, prosperity and peace, of their benevolent selves.

For the moment has come, that my structural components are activated, and so I allow, and so I ask, and so it is. I ask and I allow for the structural components of my crystalline christened self to emerge from the depth of my heart and begin to spin in a vortex of unconditional love for all, unconditional love for all including my own self. For I AM Love!

For nothing but love exists, for love and only love shall emerge from within the depth of time and space. And as I spin the vortex of eternal unconditional pure love, I invite the hearts of others to connect with that which I am, and together in unison we spin a new song of prosperity, a new song of light and of love for all! AMEN-RA-IM-RA! I AM THAT WHICH I AM! IT IS SO AND SO IT IS!”

Wisdom of Astaroth: Transformation (Pantheon of Aeternam)


Wisdom of Astaroth : Transformation

All beings who are in a process of growth will have to go through a transformation. Gods when they are not active, they are in a state of transformation to help them prepare themselves for the next task. 

Connecting to the source, gods go through a long transformation period to open up to the high energies and transform themselves into a creative tool. Beings in the astral plane are also experiencing transformations to help them accelerate their growth. For beings in the third dimension, the process of growth has a slower phase but they still experience transformation occasionally. On earth, the conditions of living and the consciousness on the planet does not permit growth because people have to deal with many blockages and imbalances which often cause diseases on the physical body. 

The diseases that people have on earth are caused by ignoring a natural life style and by not purifying themselves in order to receive light which is the life giver. Many people on earth confuse the natural life style with a healthy life style. Natural is to live close to earth, eat what grows on the ground you walk, be part of the earth's growth and detach yourself from all artificiality. A healthy life style is prescribed by another human being and does not connect you to earth. You are still a consumer of man made products and you depend on them.

There are many people who are going through an awakening process. They have started to realise that their life style are not helping them to grow, they feel trapped, they realise that humanity is not free and they exist separately from earth. Because most people suffer from great imbalances and their being is not strengthened by the cosmic light, they are not able to move out from their current situation even when they know that it is a game of destruction. So people are talking about the situation on earth, blaming others, creating more fragmentation and negativity but they will never do what is needed, to step out from the illusion. 

The people who will attempt to disconnect themselves from all artificialities, are going to go through a transformation. This is a process of healing, purification and connection to the living force. During this time, people will have to deal with past negativity and imbalances. 

They may have to go back in the past and deal with trauma. All events and experiences which caused blockages will come up and people will have to examine the causes and outcomes. For people who lived a destructive life they will have to deal with a great number of events in their lives and this sometimes can be overwhelming.

Transformation can be a positive experience overall if you are honest and look at yourself with eyes of purity. This is an exercise to help you control the ego which always comes as an insecurity and produces a fragmented picture of yourself. If you are tied up and given yourself up to ego then you will not succeed with your transformation and it will be a painful experience for you. 

If you are able to observe your past without trying to blame others or yourself you will experience purity which will lead you to your true self. When you are open to the light, healing will restore your being and growth will take place. Transformations happen often to beings who connect to the cosmic light. Purifications are very important for beings who are in a process of constant growth. 

Done by communication between high Goddess Astaroth,
Barbara and Robbert-jan Rozenkruis. 
Saturday, 2 August 2014.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What am I? (updated)

A shrill voice screams out to the eternal darkness,
"What am I?"

All Colors in Pigment, Absence of All in Light.  "Omnil"

The silence that answers the question in totality roars throughout the entire Universe, shattering all preconceived notions and all imbedded conditioning surrounding "identity" and "self."
Without any ability to comprehend the profound answer supplied to the Great Question, the call is made again and again, eternally seeking the Absolute Truth: "What am I? What am I? What am I?"

Again, that deafening silence stretches out from one end of the Cosmos to the other in an effort to answer the self-defining yearning for a label or a specific limit in response to the constant stream of pleas and questions.
Here, a schism is formed. One part gives up the effort to find or receive a satisfactory answer to the Inquiry. Another part explodes in raging wrath against the silence, blaming it for the perception of a lack of any comprehensible response.

Thankfully, a small part held firm in anticipation and expectation long enough for the epiphany to arrive.

For the answer isn't the silence itself. The answer is the moment during the silence when there is the potential for an infinite number of different responses to be expressed.
For it is in that specific moment of real and infinite possibility that the Truth is honestly represented in the only way it can be illustrated and still be Capital-T Truth, though unfortunately such a Truth is not essentially understood or even enough of an answer to placate the original piercing question of identity.

"What am I?" continues to be asked, echoing across the emptiness of spacetime, bouncing off elements of an infinite Universe always answering each probing quest for self with the Truest response possible, the response almost always missed or misunderstood.
Such is the nature of going to anything outside of oneself regarding ascertaining self-identity.

* * *