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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Guide Angels

Angel #27 - יֹרֵתָאֵל   YoReTaEL Jerathel

He serves to confound the wicked and slanderers, and to be delivered from our enemies. This angel protects those who provoke us and unjustly attack us. He rules over the propagation of light, civilization and liberty. The person born under this influence loves peace, justice, sciences and the arts, and he distinguishes himself in literature.

Meditation upon this name removes the Dark Force's presence from your earnings, and its destructive influence from your life. The Light is now your silent partner. You will be surrounded by endless blessings and protection. It's a partnership made in heaven!

The negative side of this angel rules over ignorance, slavery and intolerance.

Angel #63 - עָנֻוָאֵל  ANuVaEL Anianuel

This angel protects against accidents, he preserves health and cures illnesses; he rules over commerce, bankers, businessmen and clerks. The person born under this influence will have a subtle and ingenious spirit; he will distinguish himself through his industry and his actions.

Meditations upon this name bring Appreciation. Thankfulness. Gratitude. These noble attributes of Moses are aroused within by this Name. Infused with these attributes, retain and enjoy all the blessings and treasures in life.

The negative side of this angel rules over folly and prodigality; he influences all those who ruin themselves through their bad conduct.

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