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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

When I was a kid, my all-time favorite books to buy at the Book Fairs or to grab up at the local library were a series of books called "Choose Your Own Adventure." The books were usually some sort of magical fantasy, action adventure or even science-fiction wonder, but what made them so unique was that as you would progress through the story, you'd come to a point in the story and would be given a choice.

Maybe you, as the main character of the story, would come to a fork in a road, and the book would tell you if you wanted to go one way to turn to a certain page in the book, but if you wanted to go a different direction, you had to turn to an entirely different page for an entirely different story.

I loved these stories so much. I remember I took it very personal when I'd make a choice and end up dead or injured. In fact, I seem to remember that one of the stories had me make a choice and I ended up  falling down a hole and being eaten by giant spiders.

I didn't like that very much.

But the great thing about those books was that if I made a wrong choice and ended up suffering the consequences, even by way of giant spiders, I could always start the story over again back before I had to make the choice. This time around I could make a different choice, the one that didn't end up in a pit of giant spiders.

And I'm writing about those books tonight because on one hand, I really do wish life was like them, that if I made the wrong choice and was eaten by giant spiders, I could just flip back a few pages and choose the non-spider-munching route instead of my previous poor choice.

Luckily, most of life's big forks in the road don't result in spider pits. No, what it seems like instead is that we're given a choice in a matter, maybe in the way we react to a certain situation, and if we make the wrong choice, for some amazing reason we find that the world works (call it karma, call it kismet) is that we're bound to end up facing a very similar choice in the future.

And this time we can make the better choice.

Or perhaps we can choose to be eaten by spiders again, I mean, this is a world with Free Choice, after all.

Personally, I'm done being eaten by the spiders, and I also feel very much used up regarding the lessons karma continues to put before me. I don't want to say "I'm done," as I gather that in the game of life, I don't think we're ever necessarily finished with what we want to accomplish or learn from the experience.

But I am done with Big Spider Pits and whatever lessons those are supposed to impart. I think I'd choose another adventure entirely, to be honest - one where no choices result in any pits or bugs or anything with as many as eight legs.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Respecting the Absolute Truth

Respecting the Absolute Truth

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

My heart is a little heavy today as I write this, and I'm honestly hoping that sharing this today will help lighten the metaphorical weight I feel on my shoulders.

I've spent a lot of time most recently digging very deep into the minds of others, particularly other metaphysically educated, spirit quest oriented and magical or esoteric inclined. In short, I made a point of finding other people "like me" and really diving in to their writings, their journals/blogs and their Philosophies. You could say I was doing my best to grasp as much as I could of what they might consider their "Truth."

I did this for many reasons, but I do feel that the primary reason is I was strengthening my own understanding, as well as what I seem to always be doing: seeking further understanding about the place where I live, this "world."

But what I found honestly disturbed me.

And it wasn't because I found beliefs that were outside of my comfort zone or too radical. What upset me were the number of beliefs that were held as Absolute Truths.

And by Absolute Truth, I mean they are presented and given as the only interpretation or understanding of a subject, and therefore anyone that had a different, divergent or parallel opinion (much less opposite, opposing or irrelevant one) was Absolutely WRONG.

And that strikes me to my core as fully WRONG practice and beliefs, in that I think it crosses an important line. 

So I wanted to write about that today. I have come to believe that what I firmly lock into my own reality is exactly what I experience, on a fundamental and profound level actually.

I believe and have experienced the fact that we all are very much responsible for the reality we experience here on "the world." What we believe to be fundamental nature of reality seems to come to be, at least from one or more of the multidimensional perspective at looking at anything around us. So when someone states that all of our reality is a particular god's or entity's to own and that anyone else who has another god (or other exalted or advanced being) to put as primary to their perspective must be absolutely WRONG, well when we hold that as our Truth, I firmly feel we're going against what we were put here on Earth to do.

That is, from my own experience/perspective so far, to bring the Light that is naturally in our heart to places where that Light is dim or has not shown before (for me, I call it the "love that is" and it's my own energy signature). It's hard to put more details of that into words, to be absolutely honest. It's a concept that's probably best expressed in the Higher Dimensions, purely conceptualized. I just know that so far my job has involved a lot of energy "movement" that's been most entirely out of my conscious control but is slowly introduced to my awareness, and I also know that all for me at the very least "feels" the most comfortable and safe when I approach all aspects of my path with a direct line to love, agape and devotion to my Creator.

That, and I'm shown systematically what "I am" and given what amounts to bare hints to help me get to what I want "to be." And of course, all while that happens, I can feel the physical and metaphysical changes rapidly accelerating through my physical form as Ascension continues.

So what is most certainly true is that the True Nature of reality, if there even is such a thing, is such that what I am and/or have become is not given to know the full extent of the truth I'm actually living. So I only have one complete option that satisfies all parts of me, to my core: I hold on to Trust absolutely. Trust in the Divine Plan. Trust in the energy/being I call "God," and the "Goddess." And I trust I am truly becoming as I move forward living this life from a completely immortal Spirit perspective, rather than the survival instinct and fear-based existence of the mortal coil I have been up until now. I truly believe that whatever I am, that "Robert" may not get to exist forever (or he might yet, just wait and see), but the essence and soul containing my experiences certainly does.

Enlightened Approach to Truth

But stating another's beliefs or interpretations or even their mythology as lies, falsehoods or mistakes creates this distortion of energy that would not exist if the more enlightened approach is used:

You have your Truth, and I respect that to be True for You.
I have my Truth, and You respect that to be True for Me.

Therefore the only Absolute Truth is this great, big potentially endless multivariate, multi-pronged, multi-dimensional Omniverse is this:

Your Truth is Yours, When Sovereign of Your Reality. All other Beings are Equal and are equally Correct in their perceived and/or experienced Reality. 

Which I guess is so much easier to state that, as far as I can tell, especially in the New Energies of whatever space I find myself in now: the Spiritual Concept of EQUALITY is paramount as an essential component and Law of the Universe. All are Equal, None are Superior or Inferior to Any Other, as all are simply on their own Path of Understanding, leading to their own Unique Destination Reality.

And maybe that's not the Ultimate Truth of the Universe, as I'm pretty positive that where I'm sitting in Awareness right now, I can't fathom anything close to the Full Scope of everything that is in existence and beyond, but I do know that in my heart I sense that I am in Full Command of my experiences each day, on a very base and primordial level. And I also sense that every other being I interact with each day is also capable (at least) and is certainly deserving to be as equally as in charge of their own experienced Reality.

To deny to another being even the very chance to be "correct" in their particular perspective of a physical life seems like a real tragedy to me. I mean, if that perspective is a right to cause and collect harm at all available opportunities, then I might not have such a thing in my own belief or experienced Reality, as I'd choose to never fully believe in it.

So it'd never cross my path in this, my perception I call my Personal Reality.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/4/14

Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/4/14 – New Reality Manifestation: Phase One

Today is a 6 Frequency day with a 44 Sub-frequency influence and a 444 Passive Potential
The I AM Keyword phrases for 6, 44 and 444 are:
6 – I AM Love’s Responsibility
44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis
444 – I AM Multi-dimensional Expansion of Form
Today’s frequency combination is one we have not ever seen before since I began doing these reports back last August, so we are being gifted with brand new frequencies to assist us with the Co-creative process of manifesting our New Reality.
The 6 energy is about taking on our individual responsibility in caring for our family. This means, not only our immediate birth family, which is always where we start; but it then extends out in ever widening circles until it encompasses the whole of The Family of Man.
It is about taking on our Responsibility out of a sense of Love, not out of a sense of obligation, and teaches us how to care for family without becoming overly critical and trying to make everyone exist in the world in the manner we see and believe to be the most proper; but instead doing so in a fashion that fosters each individual to be responsible for self.
This is the Mother aspect of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, teaching others by words, deeds and actions of Love, not by coercion, force, guilt and intimidation, in how to think for their Self and be responsible in their interactions with others and the world as a whole.
Just as an added bit of information, Gardenia Essences and aroma vibrate to this frequency, so they can be very useful in doing the work of the 6 Frequency. If you have a tendency to be a bit overbearing in your interactions with others Gardenia can show you the path to lead by tender words and loving example instead.
Today is a good day to spend some time focusing on the Feminine Frequency Energies and looking at what needs to be brought back into balance within yourself and your relationships with others, especially your immediate family and close friends.
The 44 Frequency of today supports the work of the initial Foundation building by speaking of the fact that our world IS built upon, and supported by a Sacred Structure that is strong and safe; and with all that is transpiring in the mainstream world right now, we can all use the awareness of being supported in our Spiritual Journey.
The 44 Frequency is the frequency where the igniting of the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind that lies dormant in the 2 Frequency occurs. Here within the 44 Frequency is where Ruling and Governmental Bodies work at their best; where those in positions of power learn to come together and to work toward what is best for everyone concerned. This Frequency is where we learn to come together and act in accordance for All… as ONE.
The 44 Frequency is also about Metamorphosis.
The new path into the Multi-dimensional realms we, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity are beginning down will change us and our perceptions of Reality. This new path will change us is ways, that at this stage of our journey we cannot yet even begin to imagine; especially under the multi 7 Frequency we are being heavily influenced by for all of 2014.
At this point in projected space and time we are only beginning to think about, and comprehend what the concept of a Universe of Infinite Possibilities looks like and how it responds and operates.
Remember, Metamorphosis is beyond simple ordinary change.
Change makes your reality different, but Metamorphosis births you into a completely different and New Reality. Metamorphosis is being born anew into a reality you never even knew existed before.
The 444 Frequency is the frequency where the expansion of our Multi-dimensional Self and Reality begins in earnest. Here what has been conceived in the 111 Frequency, then gone through a time of gestation preparing its self for birth in the 222 Frequency, and then birthed through the 333 Multi-dimensional Birth Portal, begins to grow and move into existence in a much more solid and physical form. If we were to compare this to the human physical process of birth we would say the “Child has been born”.
This is the beginning of the Manifestation we will start to see evidence of this month; April 2014.
With today’s frequency combination we are being guided to take on more responsibility, more conscious responsibility, for the Awakening of the Collective Consciousness and the building of our New World and Future, as well as becoming more fully responsible for the creation of our Individual reality and life.
We are being shown that we are beginning to move into a Multi-dimensional Reality, and everything we have ever believed and held to be the limits of what our reality is, is getting ready to change in ways we cannot yet really comprehend. As a matter of fact, this change is already occurring and we can see it if we look for it and accept it.
For those interested in focusing on the work of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality during the month of April 2014 today we begin the first of three phases of this month’s work.
Phase one is four days in length. Phase two will begin on Friday, April 11th, and will be seven days in length, and phase three will begin on Sunday, April 20th, and be eleven days in length.
This month’s overall focus and work is the Initial Manifestation into the Physical Realms the Intentions we Set into place on the New Moon/Black Moon on March 3oth, 2014.
We have been working on the Conscious Creation of these Intentions, really since the first of the year, and this month we can expect to see the very earliest signs of them manifesting into our physical everyday life and reality.
In phase one, Friday, April 4 through Monday, April 7th, 2014 we need to spend as much time as possible focusing on our Goals and Consciously putting energy into the start of forming and creating the Foundation upon which our New Reality will establish its self.
What this means varies by individual, as far as our personal lives and realities are concerned. As examples, some who are working toward opening a business might need to focus on and visualize signing purchase papers on a new building in which to operate this new business. Those who are looking to offer services of some sort to others might need to focus on and visualize how to best attract clients; maybe special offers to make, etc.
As for our part in the creation of a New Reality for the Collective Consciousness, maybe we need to spend time focusing and visualizing our Planet and all peoples on it living in harmony and equality, and project this image out into the Field of Potentiality for it to gather strength and grow.
These four days are a time to really focus on our Goals, a time to focus on creating the Foundation of a New Reality.
It is time to understand that you, each of you who have heard this call, are to be among the first to assist in the Creation of the Template of the Foundation for this New Reality. A New Reality not only for yourself, but for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as a whole.  
You may start with creating the Foundation Template for your New Individual Reality, but by doing this you are assisting in creating a Template for the Foundation of a New Reality for the rest of the Collective Consciousness to follow suit and build upon also.  
Just always keep in mind that the Template for this New Reality Foundation must be created from the Highest Frequency of Love and Equality for all; a Frequency of Love that sets none above, or below another.
Whatever it is you know you need to do to start this Foundation building for your New Reality to stand on; that is what you need to focus on for the next four days as much as possible.
See this New Reality, and see yourself in it. Feel what living in this New Reality feels like. Hear the sounds of this New Reality, and Smell the smells. Bring this New Reality to life and create its Foundation.
A quick correction of sorts
Back on the 2nd I shared that during the month of April not only will we see two 4/22 Frequency combination days, (including that day’s), but that we will also see four others days with frequencies we have not seen before.
After looking closer I realize we will actually have six days, today being one of those six, and four different frequencies this month we have not seen before; one day, the 13th of April, 2014 will actually have 2 different frequencies and a frequency combination we have not ever seen before.
We are being gifted with some very high frequencies to work with this month!
IN-Joy working with today’s frequency and let’s begin this month’s work of Initial Manifestation of our New Reality into the physical realms.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation
Essence Ka tha’ras

© 2014 Essence Ka tha’ras
Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round
 Please feel free to share this information, but only in its entirety, and with credit to the
Author – Essence Ka tha’ras
and please add a link back to this web-site…

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meeting an Ascended Master in Person

Meeting an Ascended Master in Human Form

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Last night I had an astonishing experience that allowed me to expand and grow significantly. There is a saying, "When the student is ready, a teacher will be provided." I met both a new friend and one of my Ascended Master support last night: Saint Joseph is the most likely BEing whom interacted with me.

What I did not fully understand was that our friends and family can and will quite likely be our guides, angels and even the Ascended Masters here to help us on our Sacred Path.
"But my friends and family aren't even Spiritual!"  I hear one reader think.

That's true that in your personal experienced reality they are not Spiritual, but the Being that they are has facets, aspects and a multi-dimensional nature that means they also exist where they are fully realized Ascended Masters in Human Form or even an Archangelic Being incarnated there.

We have to be sure to never EVER look down at others for not being as "Enlightened" as us, since they may and probably are quite readily one of our Guides and Support Group incarnated alongside us for assistance.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There are four rules to obtain success in this New Earth.

They are the same four rules that were in place in the Old Earth, but mankind didn't keep up, lost the details and then suffered some dire consequences. But it's a New Age, and it's a New Energy, and fundamentally there are four rules that one always has to follow in order to manifest anything resembling successfully in this place.

Divine Rules of Success in Life on the New Earth Reality

1.  Count Your Blessings

You can see. You can hear. You can taste. You can move. You can breathe. You can live. You can laugh. You can love. You can BE.

2.  Proclaim Your Rarity.

You're the pinnacle of physical evolution matter-based life that the energies combined from the Sun and the Earth have ever produced. It took billions of years to get all the way to YOU during this life, this time.  Not only that, you have so many amazing senses, abilities, talents and gifts, and the combination of all those is unique ONLY to you. You are truly a unique individual in this entire Universe.
So you're rare - more rare than any substance on any planet anywhere else.

3. Go Another Mile.

You have to actually deserve success to obtain it and keep it. So "if a man convinces you to go a mile with him, go another mile too." That means, if you do something for someone, for work or otherwise, always go above and beyond the call of duty.  Always work more than your pay grade. Always be better than what you're simply required to be. Don't be mediocre. Always put more effort in that what is expected to be the bare minimum. That's the only way to deserve and then keep the success you earn.

4. Use Wisely your Power of Choice

We can choose to be in a state of misery or a state of bliss, happiness or sadness, anger or of love. We can choose our actions to be sinful and harmful of others or we can choose to benefit the world we are born into, choose to be a positive force of Light in the world or to do the "right" thing over the "wrong" thing. We choose our fate.

I recently found out what the first words are that God/the-Universe speaks to us when we're born onto this Earth:   You are the Greatest Miracle in the World

And you really are. It's time to start acting like it.

Mandino, Og. The Greatest Miracle in the World. New York: Bantam, 1983.

Transitional Transformation Energy Sensitive

Transitional Transformation Energy Sensitive

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Do you feel like humanity is going through a transitional period right now? 

Last year, I would ask people that question, and it seemed that was the general feeling by most people I'd talk with. That feeling grew steadily for many the past years, especially since the Solstice in December 2012.

It occurred to me to dwell a bit on what it could really mean when a world transits around the Galaxy and goes through the different markers that we end up calling "Ages." I do spend a bit too much time in deep contemplative thought, don't I?

The Age of Pieces officially ended on that Solstice I mentioned, but what if the Ages are also markers of changing energetic influences as well as calendar markers? Is it possible that there is a measurable change in the kinds of energies that exist in the space Earth would be moving into, and could that energy have very specific effects on mankind in various ways? I believe it does. I'm not sure how to measure the energy beyond our current technology.

But then, I'm also a person whose eyes pick up a whole lot of wavelengths most people miss. At least, that's what I think is the reason why I see the shimmer of Spirit Matter or the Astral Plane residents around us.

That's the first time I've stated that publicly, but I remember how I used to think I was crazy because I'd see floating and moving "things" in the air, particularly around people's energetic bodies/auras, and it really made me doubt my sanity for a time. Luckily, I learned that I certainly wasn't the first person to be able to see these other aspects to our environment, but I never really did enjoy the fact that our culture pretty much writes off all these obviously real parts of "the world" off as fantasy or fake.

I could pretend that I find these things fake, I suppose, to conform to those ideas, but I know them to be incorrect or even an outright lie.

Energetic Observations

I can tell you honestly that for energy sensitives (or whatever you want to call people like me: weirdos, "special" or blessed. Those are my favorites) the energy began shifting more dramatically in the year leading up to that 2012 Solstice, but the actual date of the "official" beginning of the Age of Aquarius did not feel any different than the day before - at least not for me.

Recently, we had the Spring Equinox of 2014, and since that particular date, my senses have been almost overloaded with energetic information. In the past when that would happen, I would typically close off or shield that part of me, as I used to do for most of my life, but this time the energy was such that I found I didn't want to close it off.  I'm not sure how to fully explain this, but it was that the energy had a very positive and incredibly appealing emotional component to it.

It was powerful; perhaps it is the most powerful the ambient energy of space has ever felt to me in my life, but it was the first time I was fully aware that the energy had affection, support and even a loving "taste" to it.

(sigh) I wish I had a better vocabulary to accurately describe my energetic senses. For my entire life, I was taught that I only had five senses, so I have to use those words to apply to these other senses. These senses are based upon two main ideas: vibration/frequency and feeling/emotions. If I had grown up in an Eastern Culture, I would have received organized education about the human energy field and healing, but with my upbringing I had to dig around to even understand what was happening when my chakras started amping up and I could feel the vortexes spinning through my physical body.

That was very disconcerting. And even today, it's real effort for me to build the courage to share my actual and real experiences on this matter here publicly. Fundamentally, it doesn't matter what others think of my claims or beliefs on the matter, but to me it still matters emotionally speaking.

I'll work on that.