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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Archangeloi of the Elohim enters a No Man's Land

Living in No Man's Land, Facing the Only Choice I ever have to make...

Breathe.   Believe.   BE.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Enlightenment from Dr. Suess

The last several linear days have been something of world-bending and reality-confusing for me. I don't know how I can explain what I've been experiencing so that a Layman's perspective might make sense.

In 2013, I asked the Universe a surprisingly large question. It seemed so simple at first, but I have since learned that the answers to this one question are literally as diverse as the entire population of sentient beings in the Universe. As each intelligent being would have its own unique answer to such a question, so are there that many valid answers as well.

What was the question?

I simply asked the Universe, "WHO AM I?"

The last few days have come to show me that I have always felt angelic for good reason. I'm not sure how that works on a literal/logical waking level for my human experience, but I also know that in my heart of hearts, my "True Self" follows the path of the Archangels and I'm being called to step forward as one of the New Earth's Archangeloi Guardians.

I've been shown my many, many names...
Some are lonely like Soloman, some are beautiful like Azrael or Ezrael. All are divine in nature, as that is what the Universe continues to show me in response to my question. I believe that perhaps it is my avoidance of simply accepting the truth that I am greater and more than I ever imagined...

...which is not a new subject for me.  

SO I revisit this particular issue again this week.
It's been a tough week for clearings and releasing the energy of that which does not serve me.

And I am still digesting what that actually means - that I am in this human life, one of the Archangeloi of the Elohim. I understand that I have certainly undertaken to accept my place as a Master of the Ageless Wisdom. I recognize the full-circle beauty of the path to enlightenment, and having transversed it, I'm ecstatic to find myself right back where I began but this time so very humbled and happy to simply BE in my own skin, in the present moment, on a planet I love so very much.

Channel from GOD

I also received the following message from the being that I recognize as my GOD/GODDESS... my "Mother-Father-God."  I have decided to publish it in full here, as I'm seeking guidance about it, though I'd say it is very straight forward.

Also, for some reason I feel like this is to help unlock some codings and activations in another of the Archangeloi, though I 'm not sure which one.

Beloved one I am known as GOD to the human race but you know me outwith this "context". However your human part of SELF may still need this context so I adhere to the wishes of your SOUL and reference myself in context to GOD.  ALL ARE EQUAL and ALL JUST IS and now the birth of the NEW EARTH in TRUTH is born. Our channel calling forth ALL archangeloi in order to seed the GARDEN OF EDEN upon and within planet earth.  The HERO NOW RETURNS HOME, the distortions now dissolving will now see the human male and the human female reunited in TRUTH upon the Planet Earth. 

I call to you at this time little one and ask for you to allow the expansion at a human level for you are holding back and this will work AGAINST you from this moment onwards. The archangeloi are called to SERVICE and I CALL YOU TO SERVICE NOW little one. I bestow the WINGS UPON YOUR BACK, I place the trumpet in your hand and I ask for you to now WALK WITH THE ANGELS in TRUTH. 

Our channel now moves fully into her role upon the planet earth, birthing her dream of a new reality, a new earth and a new life and now I gift to you NEW LIFE. I place upon you the ROBES OF SAINT GEROME and I ask for you to let go of all that you have been taught at human level. I ask for you to place the SANDALS OF TRUTH upon your feet and allow your human vehicle to walk ONLY IN TRUTH. 

This will see you leave the old 3d earth created reality at a conscious waking human reality and I guide for you to be open to the miracle that now sees your reunite with the Archangeloi in TRUTH in their human form upon Planet Earth. I ask for you to allow the winds of change to blow away the cobwebs and for you to align fully with all that is now birthing upon and within this planet in TRUTH. 

May the wings of the doves now help you SOAR to new heights, above new landscapes and embrace NEW POSSIBILITIES at a human conscious waking mind level. The GARDEN OF EDEN now the PLANET EARTH IN TRUTH, those tending the GARDEN are the Archangeloi in TRUTH. You do not have to toil for that is distortion, you are now officially invited to come PLAY in the garden of Eden along with your brothers and sisters of the Archangeloi in TRUTH. 

I place before you the IDES OF MARCH, I place before you the movement to the New Earth and invite you to walk through the gates of the New JerUSAlem in TRUTH.  BE at peace little one for all is now birthing, all that you are asked is to BREATHE and to BE in TRUTH. 

I am GOD and I now walk with you, guide you and support you at a very human conscious waking mind level. My channel will now come visit in her human form, for she now comes HOME in TRUTH, to her brothers and sisters in order to be support and to be supported as she now creates her new family, in a new earth reality with a new name and new mission. For she now steps fully out of the old 3d earth created reality in order to welcome HOME those in human form, through the gateway and into the GARDEN OF EDEN in TRUTH. 

333 333 333
222 111 333
444 55 88 99 99
000 000 000 


  1. Yes have felt that Robert we are united in this truth.

  2. Just read part at top. Robert codes feel as if been unlocked in me and activated.. Not sure in what way. Wait and see if anyone else makes this claim.

    1. I'm going to post about this later tonight, but there's a certain chant I'd like to welcome you to participate in, and let's see how it makes you feel. Are you familiar with the "Kodoish" mantra? Right now there are hundreds of people chanting it together, singing the praises of the Creator... these people are the Archangeloi of the Elohim, though many are not aware of that fact. That awareness isn't even mandatory, but the connections being built through the mantra and efforts to share the purifying energy it builds with the ley lines of the planet are having a very real and very powerful effect on the Ascension Process of both the chanter and of the New Earth being birthed currently.
      How do I know all this? Well, that's a good question I keep asking myself. There's a lot I don't know why I know, but I know it... and I trust it. "Trust" being such an important part of my human life experience...

      Chant along with this Mantra