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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Calling, Not a Conversation

“This is a Calling…

…Not a conversation…”

Those words have been sung between my ears over and over again today. It’s as if Spirit/God/Universe is invoking my “let’s get awesome” button, and then is directly countering any argument or weaseling out of self-sabotage I might otherwise attempt to postpone my ascension. I’ve also come to currently recognize my walk down the Path of Ascension is the embracing of myself moving toward my becoming a being more purposefully creating and aligning with who I really am, more often, more specifically, with more preparation and more favorable joy-based excitement-growing results.

I can finally say (without ego misfiring too much) that I am comfortable with the overarching understanding of who I really am. I’m Robert, and I’m so fortunate to be Robert because I know that who I really am is the most recent and avant guarde expression of that which is called the Source of All Creation. 

The “energy that creates worlds.”

That’s me.
That’s who I really am.

 And as I become more and more comfortable with that Truth, I can finally respond to the specific details of that reality without too much egocentrism. Ego is very much taken with the affirmative answer to the question, “Am I God?”

The truth is that yes, I am that which I have always called and considered to be God. But the really sweet and divine truth is that everyone else around me is also. We’re all part of that which is the Source of All that Is. We exist, we exist in creation, we exist as creators in creation and many of us (thankfully, I can say I am one also) are conscious creators in our own perspective realities. 

     Co-Creators, actually, as the whole perfect system could and can only exist with the majority of who I really am being noncorporeal and nonlinear. THAT part of me that I can finally relax into understanding as my “God Self,” though that part isn’t looking for worship and has no real need to be labeled or construed as any sort of “God.”

HOWever… It is looking for more recognition as the “truest” part of me, the “real me” in other words. The ego-self and the God-self (also called the “I AM PRESENCE”) have a conflict regarding controlling my path.

Needless to say, the God-Self makes for a better pilot in most any circumstances.

So I still require daily reminders to have the expressed intention to allow my piloting to be implemented by that God-self, the Higher Self, the “True Self”  or “Soul Self” within me… that I am in truth.
It’s this part of me that is the one ensuring my purpose is fulfilled, my “work” is completed, my particular expression of the SOURCE of ALL that IS can be as "fulfillingly" exceptional as I ever could wish.


  1. mother's milk!

  2. I had to look it up to be certain of that expression, but that's a rather powerful complement.
    To me, I'm basically rambling in this Post, but it felt important to share this one. My posts are pouring through me more often from Spirit but I've got to be sure to still pay attention to what I'm actually saying, given that there's plenty for me to learn/experience/BE as well...