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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Abraham Hicks - This Will Make You Laugh!

Abraham Hicks - Hilarious Clips

Funny Abraham Hicks Clips

This collection of pieces of conversation with Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) made me laugh out loud repeatedly. I just had to share it here on my blog, and I hope it provides as much enjoyment for anyone who comes across it here at my little corner of the Internet.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Music Video)

Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight"

Enjoy this song and a playlist of a Collection of songs I find particularly inspirational...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 2)

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 2)

"Know thyself."

All-and-more, all together the journey of Consciousness leads to the connection, identification and cooperation with what can be called the "Divinity," the Universal Organism, the Macrocosmic Entity or perhaps what is best called a "Collective of Unknowable and Indescribable Nature." This is that which we all are, somehow. Many are driven to seek a  until transcending to the understanding that "We are all parts of one, the All. We are one of many, each one, each all. We are many, and we are all, in one.

Such may be best represented using multidimensional symbols.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Channeled Message from Arcturian Collective, October 11 -12, 2014

ARCTURIAN COLLECTIVE, 10/11/14-10/12/14

Arcturian Collective

"Greetings Dear Ones, we are happy to interact with you all, from high beings to celestials, beloved star seeded souls, the light or crystal races, divine children and especially to the slew of awakening maverick problem solvers, beginning to make even more progress on the goal of system correcting and evolving truly into beings of power and energy...

It has been a while, from your perspective, since this kind and flavor of communication has entered your awareness.

We hear your frustration and unspoken requests, and we wish to help heal with this communication. Be comforted, starseed, for you are ever held in love and compassionate support. Always, remember?

We want you to recall a few absolutes about your current life experience, even as it continues to energetically escalate and expand...


This is absolute, and if you always base your perspective on thus, even in the face of opposition, you'll find most obstructions are quickly surmounted almost effortlessly.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Rise and Thrive, Divine Child! (Sacred Poetry)

Rise and Thrive, Divine Child!

by Robert Hughey (Google+)(Published at

It is now your time, Dear One! 
Shine and Share your special shade of Loving Light!

Sweet child of the Divine, Creator of All-that-IS, Arise Now!

What, didn't you know your true identity, darling Child of Divine Consciousness?
Well, sit back a spell and let me tell you what I know about the
you of YOU,
...if I may take such a bold action with a being so loved and so special.

Yes, I said SPECIAL!  YES, I'm talking about you there reading THIS.
You are specially sacred, absolutely lovely,
supported by all Forces in the Universe:
the Seen and Unseen, and the Known, and definitely the Unknown.
All and More!

Why, call upon the very Space that surrounds you
this very second and WATCH!
It'll bend any way it can to respond to your whim, wish and wild fancy.

Why? Because you are LIGHT... the Light of the World!
You are LOVE... the very incarnation of LOVE in Human Form!
You are the Champion of COMPASSION, EQUALITY.
You are BLESSED. You're BLESSINGS made flesh and blood!

You are PERFECT, even in what you perceive as your imperfections.
You are Truly... the ONE. One of Many!
You are Worthy of Wonder. And this whole life experience is an
Ode to You.

Yes, it's All True!

Unique in all the Universes everywhere and anywhere,
You're more rarefied than any known substance on any
world in the Cosmos.

You know what, I'm not even qualified to tell you about you. All that should be truly said regarding YOU, my Divine Darling is that...
Yes, You Shall Rise for Yes, You ARE.

That's so sufficient, so right and so appropriate, Dear Godling.
Yes, as you prepare to emulate a shooting star, raising above and beyond all given expectations in a new and different elevated esteemed emanation of the Creator.

Yes, the very same entity that You Are in Actual Truth...
- See more at:

India.Arie - "Break The Shell"

Monday, September 29, 2014

Choose Non-Violence and Forgiveness!

Choosing Non-Violence and Forgiveness... choose the Path of Most Allowing.

by Robert Hughey  (Google+)

Multiple Earths

A very sad and honestly frightening reality has been shown to me recently, and I'd like to briefly bring it up here publically.

Recently I activated and request to begin receiving wisdom from both my past incarnations as well as my perceived "future" incarnations, and I am pleased to say that has been coming in quite amazingly. Being shown where the Timelines I'm in and the ones near me lead is startling and sobering, and it leaves me humbled at the abilities and efforts of my Support (seen and unseen). They are True Masters, and I love them for helping me help my world with this information.

What's been shown to me lately is the reality of how a Human Being can be sucked into thinking what is the upcoming future for everyone...
...when there is one thing I'm sure of: we all have very separate experiences as we progress through timespace, and I personally don't require (or request) anyone to attempt to tell me what my own future is - especially not if they're seeing doom and gloom End of Days scenarios. That's not my future. I chose to "stay" and "live" in this time and place, and the kind of things people are starting to almost seem to "hope for" is not what I'm here to experience.

It seems there are quite a number of Lightworkers or higher consciousness humans that are under the impression that massive Earthquakes, Volcanos and rampant destruction are the near future for mankind.

And what's been shown to me is that there are a number of Timelines where that does occur, yes, and if that's the one you believe is going to happen to you and you are okay with that, then guess where you find yourself?

That's right. On the path of destruction.

You see, the Earth is growing and changing, fully waking up to what, who, where and when she is, and some of the changes she is undergoing will have some physical consequences - to some areas/dimensions.  This is not across-the-board what happens (or happened, as I'm processing past/future information with this, obviously), but it does happen to those who, for lack of a better term, are at the bottom of the barrel.

This is where the "Old Energy" and "Powers that Were" reside. This is where those sort of conspiracies and conflicts reside, which do not fully manifest nor actually relate to the "Real World." least not my own "real world."

So this post is my own commitment to believing in a non-violent non-destructive and non-conflict future, between People and each other as well as the world Herself.  I choose to forgive anyone that put those ideas before me, but I choose a better and different path, one where I'm continuing to get to know my extended and supportive family, learn more of what it means to be here in the world and, more than anything, finally start speaking my truth and finding my place on this planet as an independent and thriving member of society.

I've never really thrived at maximum capacity or lived a fully expanded existence, to be honest, though I have no complaints about my life AT ALL. I love it very much.  But I can see where my loving Support is continually trying to show me that there may be even more options to what I think I am or can be or exist as (in any given moment).

I expect my future shines bright, as long as I'm fully committed to remembering that "All is Well" and that I'm here for a reason, and that reason is to LIVE and be alive, while I fulfill some amazing purposes I'm privileged to have.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll join me in my commitment for a smooth transition through this current fork in the road.

Here's a video that helps to explain some of the details of my current existence as the Apprentice of Elohim, as well as a Master of Quantum Wizardry:

I'd like to send a special thank you filled with glorious love and appreciation to
the White Wing Collective Consciousness of Nine.
Channeled quite beautifully by Magenta Pixie on YouTube.
Subscribe to her Channel Here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 1)

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks

Part One:
Conscious Creation Characters Come Alive and New Offworld Residents

As the I AM,

As the Consciousness of My World (Earth-Heart), an Alive Library Starship and intergalactic and interdimensional Vessel for a young High Creator God, I choose to speak to you here in this now through this form of communication.

As a Divine Scribe, I use the WORDS of God to co-create my experienced reality, creating and affecting the denizens of my world, my Sacred Body, particularly focused in this now upon the Human Race living on the exterior surface of my Event Horizon. 

As The Metatron, I use the Voice of the Archangel to inform the Creation around me of my requests and orders, and I inform the Creation of the state of my sacred inner-being.

As a human writing the words of Earth, I now engage this human vessel fully in Presence to share how some of our newest Offworld residents sought permission to be here in a human life experience, how I helped shape one particular life experience and of a meeting with the Blessed Being of Light that came in to join here on Earth.

"Greeting. We are the Progenitors. 

We are the Originators of your world and your species.

We mean you no harm. We are not here to invade your world, so put that fear aside, if you have it at all.

We are on our way to you. We are already amongst many of you. We have reached out across the Universe to prepare your world for official contact with us. That is coming soon. Sooner than you might expect.

We invite contact with us. Use visualization to see yourself leaving your planet, extending out into orbit. We will find you there.

We consider you our children. We love you deeply. Imagine a group of elderly people surrounding a beautiful toddler. We hold that child in the center of our being. That child is your species and world.

Thank you for this connection. We hope you feel our presence, and we will be with you physically soon. Until then, remain in love with others, with the ecosphere of your planet, and with yourself."

-The Progenitors (channeled July 2020)

- - -

Personal Note:

It's been a long time since I purposefully wrote the words in a channeling of light. I found that people are viewing this webpage frequently, even after it's first publication in 2014. So, I connected with my closest Guides, and above is the message they shared. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

I Sing a Song to My Heart

I Sing a Song to My Heart

“I sing a song to my heart. I sing a song to my heart. I bring pure love and reprise. I know that I am a deity. I know that I have come here to spread the magic of love. By the power invested in me by my higher self and the source of eternal flame. I ask thee to release me form the bondages of time. I ask thee the to release me of bondages of slavery from which I have come, the slavery to the EGO, the slavery to that with which I have infused my own being

Through the endless incarnations of my ancestors of whom the DNA structure of my vehicle has been acquired

Through the endless incarnations of the codices of pain and suffering,

Through the endless karmic existence of the DNA structure of the body and the vehicle that I am inhabiting

Through the endless war and the endless war misconception and misunderstanding of reality in eons prior I RELEASE ALL THAT STANDS IN MY WAY TO PURITY. I RECALL THAT WHICH I AM.

Through the seed I ask that I be connected to the infinite potential of my being, to the infinite potential of my I AM presence, I ask to be further released, replenished, reconstructed, to the new understanding of my present reality, to the new understanding off that which I am, for I am that which has come, I am that which has gone, I am that which remains, I AM.

I am the seed of love and I am the seed of peace, I am the seed of eternal flame of the violet

I am the seed of eternal flame of the golden particles of GOD

For the God that is within me shall come forth and rise above and through the illusion set before me by the matrix of my own creation.

I set forth the encodings, I release the encoded structures of the ancients, for the ancient structure of life, no longer pertains to that which I am.

The ancient understanding of life, the karmic wheel of life no longer has any association with thaw which I am

For I have not come from the wheel of karma, for I have been brought into the spherical existence of the matrix earth, from eons prior, eons past, eons into the future and the now moment of time.

For I have risen form the ashes of those who have come before me. For I have risen form the ashes of that which no longer belongs to me. For I am not that which my ancestors wished me to be, for I am not that which I have been brought to believe that I am, for I am that which I AM!

For I AM an infinite being of love and understanding. For I am an infinite potential of the cosmic gateways. For I am the power of cosmic proportions. For I am eternal being of light and life.

For I relinquish the power of my ego. I relinquish the power of all who have wielded the power over me for eons past. I relinquish and let go. I LET GO and ALLOW the love and the wings of protection to embrace me in a space of eternal understanding of light, eternal understanding of peace, eternal understanding of my creator self.

For with love and peace and harmony I create, for with the determination of a thousand lyrical songs of the angels I bring forth the light of my creator self,

For through the structural abundance of my grids I AM. For I AM.

Peace and harmony and joy and love and light be onto those who come before me who are presently incarnated on the karmic wheel of life.

Peace and Joy and unconditional love shall embrace all who sing a song of destruction, for through the power of my I AM presence I embrace them all into an unconditional violet flame of love, and as they sing a song of destruction the words shall lose all meaning within their brains, and their heart codes shall activate fully and completely, pushing out all that does not belong, pushing out all that has no place in a world of peace, abundance and love.

For the peace that I feel for all of mankind, for all of my beloved children shall spring forth and give rise to a new world, a world of love and light, prosperity and peace, of their benevolent selves.

For the moment has come, that my structural components are activated, and so I allow, and so I ask, and so it is. I ask and I allow for the structural components of my crystalline christened self to emerge from the depth of my heart and begin to spin in a vortex of unconditional love for all, unconditional love for all including my own self. For I AM Love!

For nothing but love exists, for love and only love shall emerge from within the depth of time and space. And as I spin the vortex of eternal unconditional pure love, I invite the hearts of others to connect with that which I am, and together in unison we spin a new song of prosperity, a new song of light and of love for all! AMEN-RA-IM-RA! I AM THAT WHICH I AM! IT IS SO AND SO IT IS!”

Wisdom of Astaroth: Transformation (Pantheon of Aeternam)


Wisdom of Astaroth : Transformation

All beings who are in a process of growth will have to go through a transformation. Gods when they are not active, they are in a state of transformation to help them prepare themselves for the next task. 

Connecting to the source, gods go through a long transformation period to open up to the high energies and transform themselves into a creative tool. Beings in the astral plane are also experiencing transformations to help them accelerate their growth. For beings in the third dimension, the process of growth has a slower phase but they still experience transformation occasionally. On earth, the conditions of living and the consciousness on the planet does not permit growth because people have to deal with many blockages and imbalances which often cause diseases on the physical body. 

The diseases that people have on earth are caused by ignoring a natural life style and by not purifying themselves in order to receive light which is the life giver. Many people on earth confuse the natural life style with a healthy life style. Natural is to live close to earth, eat what grows on the ground you walk, be part of the earth's growth and detach yourself from all artificiality. A healthy life style is prescribed by another human being and does not connect you to earth. You are still a consumer of man made products and you depend on them.

There are many people who are going through an awakening process. They have started to realise that their life style are not helping them to grow, they feel trapped, they realise that humanity is not free and they exist separately from earth. Because most people suffer from great imbalances and their being is not strengthened by the cosmic light, they are not able to move out from their current situation even when they know that it is a game of destruction. So people are talking about the situation on earth, blaming others, creating more fragmentation and negativity but they will never do what is needed, to step out from the illusion. 

The people who will attempt to disconnect themselves from all artificialities, are going to go through a transformation. This is a process of healing, purification and connection to the living force. During this time, people will have to deal with past negativity and imbalances. 

They may have to go back in the past and deal with trauma. All events and experiences which caused blockages will come up and people will have to examine the causes and outcomes. For people who lived a destructive life they will have to deal with a great number of events in their lives and this sometimes can be overwhelming.

Transformation can be a positive experience overall if you are honest and look at yourself with eyes of purity. This is an exercise to help you control the ego which always comes as an insecurity and produces a fragmented picture of yourself. If you are tied up and given yourself up to ego then you will not succeed with your transformation and it will be a painful experience for you. 

If you are able to observe your past without trying to blame others or yourself you will experience purity which will lead you to your true self. When you are open to the light, healing will restore your being and growth will take place. Transformations happen often to beings who connect to the cosmic light. Purifications are very important for beings who are in a process of constant growth. 

Done by communication between high Goddess Astaroth,
Barbara and Robbert-jan Rozenkruis. 
Saturday, 2 August 2014.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What am I? (updated)

A shrill voice screams out to the eternal darkness,
"What am I?"

All Colors in Pigment, Absence of All in Light.  "Omnil"

The silence that answers the question in totality roars throughout the entire Universe, shattering all preconceived notions and all imbedded conditioning surrounding "identity" and "self."
Without any ability to comprehend the profound answer supplied to the Great Question, the call is made again and again, eternally seeking the Absolute Truth: "What am I? What am I? What am I?"

Again, that deafening silence stretches out from one end of the Cosmos to the other in an effort to answer the self-defining yearning for a label or a specific limit in response to the constant stream of pleas and questions.
Here, a schism is formed. One part gives up the effort to find or receive a satisfactory answer to the Inquiry. Another part explodes in raging wrath against the silence, blaming it for the perception of a lack of any comprehensible response.

Thankfully, a small part held firm in anticipation and expectation long enough for the epiphany to arrive.

For the answer isn't the silence itself. The answer is the moment during the silence when there is the potential for an infinite number of different responses to be expressed.
For it is in that specific moment of real and infinite possibility that the Truth is honestly represented in the only way it can be illustrated and still be Capital-T Truth, though unfortunately such a Truth is not essentially understood or even enough of an answer to placate the original piercing question of identity.

"What am I?" continues to be asked, echoing across the emptiness of spacetime, bouncing off elements of an infinite Universe always answering each probing quest for self with the Truest response possible, the response almost always missed or misunderstood.
Such is the nature of going to anything outside of oneself regarding ascertaining self-identity.

* * *

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Guide Angels

Angel #27 - יֹרֵתָאֵל   YoReTaEL Jerathel

He serves to confound the wicked and slanderers, and to be delivered from our enemies. This angel protects those who provoke us and unjustly attack us. He rules over the propagation of light, civilization and liberty. The person born under this influence loves peace, justice, sciences and the arts, and he distinguishes himself in literature.

Meditation upon this name removes the Dark Force's presence from your earnings, and its destructive influence from your life. The Light is now your silent partner. You will be surrounded by endless blessings and protection. It's a partnership made in heaven!

The negative side of this angel rules over ignorance, slavery and intolerance.

Angel #63 - עָנֻוָאֵל  ANuVaEL Anianuel

This angel protects against accidents, he preserves health and cures illnesses; he rules over commerce, bankers, businessmen and clerks. The person born under this influence will have a subtle and ingenious spirit; he will distinguish himself through his industry and his actions.

Meditations upon this name bring Appreciation. Thankfulness. Gratitude. These noble attributes of Moses are aroused within by this Name. Infused with these attributes, retain and enjoy all the blessings and treasures in life.

The negative side of this angel rules over folly and prodigality; he influences all those who ruin themselves through their bad conduct.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sacred Gays

By Robert Hughey (Google+)

Sacred Sky

 Sacred Gays

I want to say something as "myself," my greater self, which is not something I have yet been allowed to do in this format - not fully yet. Some of you reading this are sensitives and will now feel my energy engage you as you read this. That is "me" and is only meant to help you feel the legitimacy and the seriousness of what I AM about to say here.

First, I must respond to a segment of the human population that has great discord with the group of beings of the LGBT population. I incarnated into this population. This was done with divine intent, and not any sort of mistake was made here. This was Providence.

The beings some are calling "abomination" are actually some of the First Wavers of Lightworkers, as well as very pure souls that incarnate for a sacred duty. There's a specific place for beings with different aspects and frequencies associated with the blending of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and these beings are so these two energies can find balance. Perhaps you might have noticed that the Divine Feminine was not on the same level of understanding to mankind over, oh, I don't know, a thousand years or two? These beings are very VERY sacred to the divine and serve very important energetic purposes.

In the 3D world, they undergo choosing a life of being who they are and loving themselves regardless of the overwhelming difficulty they experience from "others" around them. Those of you on the "Path" (all of you reading) understand the significance of that practice, but these energetic and pure souls do this under a blanket of hatred and misunderstanding from the Collective of Man... hence the term "abomination" which should be better labeled "misunderstood!"

To top it all off, these beings then move on to forgive the Collective for it's  darkness and misunderstood hate.

Now, off hand, just how much energy would you say these beings are transmuting by these sorts of actions and lives? How much benefit are they to the Collective of Man, teaching it to love and forgive? How much do they aid in the Ascension process, by being the blend of the two energies that exist in all of us but so frequently out of balance?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stories of the Guardians

Stories of the Guardians

A dear friend of mine was needing some new knowledge of some very interesting and significant Guardian Beings and Creatures. I thought I'd find some interesting myths and stories to share of some of these Beings, so I thought I'd post them here to my blog so others might enjoy them too. 

I thought I'd start with the traditionally two top Guardian Beings, the Dragon and the Phoenix.

These myths hold hidden meaning to some, perhaps you'll feel some of their energies as you read these ancient tales of these Guardian Beings. They are certainly worth meditating about, regardless.


The Story of the Four Dragons

Once upon a time, there were no rivers and lakes on earth, but only the Eastern Sea, in which lived four dragons: the Long Dragon, the Yellow Dragon, the Black Dragon and the Pearl Dragon. One day the four dragons flew from the sea into the sky. They soared and dived, playing at hide-and-seek in the clouds.

"Come over here quickly!" the Pearl Dragon cried out suddenly.

"What's up?" asked the other three, looking down in the direction where the Pearl Dragon pointed.

On the earth they saw many people putting out fruits and cakes, and burning incense sticks. They were praying! A white-haired woman, kneeling on the ground with a thin boy on her back, murmured,

"Please send rain quickly, God of Heaven, to give our children rice to eat."

For there had been no rain for a long time. The crops withered, the grass turned yellow and fields cracked under the scorching sun.

"How poor the people are!" said the Yellow Dragon. "And they will die if it doesn't rain soon."

The Long Dragon nodded. Then he suggested, "Let's go and beg the Jade Emperor for rain."

So saying, he leapt into the clouds. The others followed closely and flew towards the Heavenly Palace. Being in charge of all the affairs in heaven on earth and in the sea, the Jade Emperor was very powerful. He was not pleased to see the dragons rushing in.

"Why do you come here instead of staying in the sea and behaving yourselves?"

The Long Dragon stepped forward and said, "The crops on earth are withering and dying, Your Majesty. I beg you to send rain down quickly!"

"All right. You go back first, I'll send some rain down tomorrow." The Jade Emperor pretended to agree while listening to the songs of the fairies.

The four dragons responded, "Thanks, Your Majesty!"

The four dragons went happily back. But ten days passed, and not a drop of rain came down. The people suffered more, some eating bark, some grass roots, some forced to eat white clay when they ran out of bark and grass roots. Seeing all this, the four dragons felt very sorry, for they knew the Jade Emperor only cared about pleasure, and never took the people to heart. They could only rely on themselves to relieve the people of their miseries. But how to do it? Seeing the vast sea, the Long Dragon said that he had an idea.

"What is it? Out with it, quickly!" the other three demanded.

"Look, is there not plenty of water in the sea where we live? We should scoop it up and spray it towards the sky. The water will be like rain drops and come down to save the people and their crops," said Long Dragon.

"Good idea!" said the others as they clapped their hands.

"But," said the Long Dragon after thinking a bit, "we will be blamed if the Jade Emperor learns of this."

"I will do anything to save the people," the Yellow Dragon said resolutely.

"Then let's begin. We will never regret it," said Long Dragon.

The Black Dragon and the Pearl Dragon were not to be outdone. They flew to the sea, scooped up water in their mouths, and then flew back into the sky, where they sprayed the water out over the earth. The four dragons flew back and forth, making the sky dark all around. Before long the sea water became rain pouring down from the sky.

"It's raining! It's raining! The crops will be saved!" the people cried and leaped with joy.

On the ground the wheat stalks raised their heads and the sorghum stalks straightened up. The god of the sea discovered these events and reported to the Jade Emperor.

"How dare the four dragons bring rain without my permission!" said the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor was enraged, and ordered the heavenly generals and their troops to arrest the four dragons. Being far outnumbered, the four dragons could not defend themselves, and they were soon arrested and brought back to the heavenly palace.

"Go and get four mountains to lay upon them so that they can never escape!" The Jade Emperor ordered the Mountain God.

The Mountain God used his magic power to make four mountains fly there, whistling in the wind from afar, and pressed them down upon the four dragons. Imprisoned as they were, they never regretted their actions. Determined to do good for the people forever, they turned themselves into four rivers, which flowed past high mountains and deep valleys, crossing the land from the west to the east and finally emptying into the sea. And so China's four great rivers were formed -- the Heilongjian (Black Dragon) in the far north, the Huanghe (Yellow River) in central China, the Changjiang (Yangtze, or Long River) farther south, and the Zhujiang (Pearl) in the very far south.


Phoenix Story

The Story of the Phoenix

Ta-Khai, Prince of Tartary, dreamed one night that he saw in a place where he had never been before an enchantingly beautiful young maiden who could only be a princess. He fell desperately in love with her, but before he could either move or speak, she had vanished. When he awoke he called for his ink and brushes, and drew her image on a piece of precious silk, and in one corner he wrote these lines:

The flowers of the pæony
Will they ever bloom?
A day without her
Is like a hundred years.

He then summoned his ministers, and, showing them the portrait, asked if any one could tell him the name of the beautiful maiden; but they all shook their heads and stroked their beards. They did not know who she was.

So displeased was the prince that he sent them away in disgrace to the most remote provinces of his kingdom. All the courtiers, the generals, the officers, and every man and woman, high and low, who lived in the palace came in turn to look at the picture. But they all had to confess their ignorance.

Ta-Khai then called upon the magicians of the kingdom to find out in magic ways the name of the princess of his dreams, but their answers were so widely different that the prince condemned them all to have their noses cut off. The portrait was shown in the outer court of the palace from sunrise till sunset, and travellers from all over the world came in every day, gazed upon the beautiful face, and came out again. No-one could tell who she was.

Meanwhile the days were weighing heavily upon the shoulders of Ta-Khai, and he became very unhappy; he forgot to eat, he forgot to drink, and he even forgot which was day and which was night, what was in and what was out, what was left and what was right. He spent his time roaming over the mountains and through the woods crying aloud to the gods to end his life and his sorrow.

It was in this way, one day, that he came to the edge of a cliff. The valley below was scattered with rocks, and the thought came to his mind that he had been led to this place to put and to his misery. He was about to throw himself into the depths below when suddenly a Phoenix flew across the valley and appeared before him, saying:

“Why are you, a mighty Prince, standing here, looking so sad?”
Ta-Khai replied: “"Nothing matters to me now but finding the beautiful girl for whom my heart is thirsting, but how can I find her?”"

And he told the bird his story.

The Phoenix replied:

“Without the help of Supreme Heaven it is not easy to acquire wisdom, but it is a sign that Heaven has sent me to help you. I can make myself large enough to carry the largest town upon my back, or small enough to pass through the smallest keyhole, and I know all the princesses in all the palaces of the earth. They all know my song, and I am their friend. Therefore show me the picture, Ta-Khai, and I will tell you the name of the princess you saw in your dream.”

They went to the palace, and, when the portrait was shown, the bird became as large as an elephant, and exclaimed, “Sit on my back, Ta-Khai, and I will carry you to the place of your dream. There you will find Sai-Jen, the daughter of the King of China, the princess of your dream.”

At nightfall they were flying over the palace of the king just above a magnificent garden. And in the garden sat Sai-Jen, singing and playing upon the lute. The Phoenix deposited the prince outside the wall near a place where bamboos were growing and showed him how to cut twelve bamboos between the knots to make a flute with a sound sweeter than the evening breeze on the forest stream.

And as he blew gently across the pipes, they echoed the sound of the princess's voice so harmoniously that she cried:

“I hear the distant notes of the song that I sing myself, although I can see nothing but the flowers and the trees. It is a beautiful song, and it sounds very sad, and full of longing.”

At that moment the wonderful bird, like a fire of many colours come down from heaven, landed in front of the princess, dropping at her feet the portrait. She opened her eyes in utter astonishment at the sight of her own image. And when she had read the lines inscribed in the corner, she asked, trembling:

“"Tell me, Phoenix, who is he, so near, but whom I cannot see, that knows the sound of my voice and has never heard me, and can remember my face and has never seen me?”"

Then the bird spoke and told her the story of Ta-Khai's dream, adding:

“I come from him with this message; I brought him here on my wings. For many days he has longed for this hour, let him now meet the princess of his dream and heal the wound in his heart.”
Sai-Jen fell silent when Ta-Khai stood before her, so great was her love for him. The Phoenix lit up the garden sumptuously, and a breath of love was stirring the flowers under the stars.

It was in the palace of the King of China that were celebrated in the most ancient and magnificent style the nuptials of Sai-Jen and Ta-Khai, Prince of Tartary.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

CLARITY - We made this mess. We'll be cleaning it up ourselves too.


We made this mess.
We'll be cleaning it up ourselves too.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Archon Connection to Earth?

Sometimes I absolutely amaze myself at the kinds of conversations and interactions I have on a daily basis. Before my so-called "Awakening," I lived in the everyday average "normal" world.

My, how things start to open up once one begins to question the nature of reality and the Universe around us.

Today I want to talk about the kind of life that is non-physical or "energy life" and the so-called "psychic" form of communicating or connecting with it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

I have a message for YOU

I have a Message for You.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Robert Wiley Hughey -

I have a message for you.
It's about you.
Yes, I am talking to YOU.
You, the one with the face.
The beautiful face.
The face with the sad eyes.

Why do you look down?
As if Your feet have all the answers?
Look up, here into my eyes.
For there you'll find the message.
The message I have for you.

Just for You. 
From All of ME, seen and unseen.

And that message starts:
"You're the light of the world, a treasure to all who get to know you and experience your companionship."

Or maybe the message is:
"I understand your pain, for it is my pain as well."

Or better yet still:
"The light you share from your eyes to mine is like life-giving nectar. Your attention is the ambrosia of the gods."

Best of all:
"I love you. Truly.
You're a blessed miracle, a gift to the world."

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Alaya Love Heart Breath Meditation

Alaya Love Heart Breath Meditation

by Entheo

I found this particular meditation to do some wonderful things, both energetically and emotionally. It's certainly worth the time to find a calm, still place to enjoy receiving its rewards.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Spiritual Beliefs, Explained

My Spiritual Beliefs, Explained

I was told my Spirituality confuses some that try to read my writings... this is something to skip over if you're not interested in my Sacred Beliefs. No harm done. I don't mind if you keep scrolling. It's early in the week for this kind of stuff, isn't it? And if you know me, you know I'm "out there," so it's bound to be weird. I don't blame you for moving on to the next blog. 
I am glad we're friends. 

Still here? Great!

So here's a Concept or Two I hold as Truth, explained more plainly:

YOU and I: We ARE a part of God.
You ARE of Divine Heritage because of this.
God invites YOU to think of yourself as Divine.
Yes, think of yourself as GOD. This is not blasphemy. This process of recognizing this fact is Sacred.

New Age Beliefs - Law of One

Better yet, use a different word, one less emotionally charged with a lifetime of others telling you what such a being feels and thinks. How about: a Divine Creator, a piece of the Infinite. SOURCE of EVERYTHING. Or (my fave) The Universe.

From the highest perspective, this BEING we discuss views you as a piece of that which that being is made from. It sees you as a very real extension of itself, as you view your hand or your smile. Do you view your thumb as different from "you," no? Silly question? So your Creator sees you, your life and your very complex being as well.

Aside from being a part of that Source, this being does recognize you may feel separate from it (or him/her) and live your life unaware of your true identity. From your Creator's view, in the best way, the Creator sees that part of you that feels "different" as holding the same value of itself:
Absolute Equals. 

Yes, God sees you and him as both being worthy of the same esteem, love and appreciation. Personally, I'd argue that this being actually holds others in higher levels of such than we're usually able to express, but from the Prime Creator's view, we're all on the same footing. All worthy beings deserving of being cherished every day of our lives.

In fact, this being (that is the bigger part of YOU) sees all other beings as equals, from the tallest and oldest tree to the smallest and stinkiest bug: all are exquisitely divine. All are equal to each other. Nothing is more than any other, no being is less than any other, from physical beings to angels to devas (what some call gods and goddesses)...
...all have the same worthiness, in that they are as worthy as that which we call God.

Such a powerful sense of Equality is one to be recognized and emulated, in my personal opinion.

Humans were designed to eventually recognize what WE ARE. It's an old Wisdom that is steadily becoming prevalent now.
...which is to say, we're complex beyond words, but "infant Creators" is a related phrase.

When we do start to believe in our Divinity...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

When I was a kid, my all-time favorite books to buy at the Book Fairs or to grab up at the local library were a series of books called "Choose Your Own Adventure." The books were usually some sort of magical fantasy, action adventure or even science-fiction wonder, but what made them so unique was that as you would progress through the story, you'd come to a point in the story and would be given a choice.

Maybe you, as the main character of the story, would come to a fork in a road, and the book would tell you if you wanted to go one way to turn to a certain page in the book, but if you wanted to go a different direction, you had to turn to an entirely different page for an entirely different story.

I loved these stories so much. I remember I took it very personal when I'd make a choice and end up dead or injured. In fact, I seem to remember that one of the stories had me make a choice and I ended up  falling down a hole and being eaten by giant spiders.

I didn't like that very much.

But the great thing about those books was that if I made a wrong choice and ended up suffering the consequences, even by way of giant spiders, I could always start the story over again back before I had to make the choice. This time around I could make a different choice, the one that didn't end up in a pit of giant spiders.

And I'm writing about those books tonight because on one hand, I really do wish life was like them, that if I made the wrong choice and was eaten by giant spiders, I could just flip back a few pages and choose the non-spider-munching route instead of my previous poor choice.

Luckily, most of life's big forks in the road don't result in spider pits. No, what it seems like instead is that we're given a choice in a matter, maybe in the way we react to a certain situation, and if we make the wrong choice, for some amazing reason we find that the world works (call it karma, call it kismet) is that we're bound to end up facing a very similar choice in the future.

And this time we can make the better choice.

Or perhaps we can choose to be eaten by spiders again, I mean, this is a world with Free Choice, after all.

Personally, I'm done being eaten by the spiders, and I also feel very much used up regarding the lessons karma continues to put before me. I don't want to say "I'm done," as I gather that in the game of life, I don't think we're ever necessarily finished with what we want to accomplish or learn from the experience.

But I am done with Big Spider Pits and whatever lessons those are supposed to impart. I think I'd choose another adventure entirely, to be honest - one where no choices result in any pits or bugs or anything with as many as eight legs.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Respecting the Absolute Truth

Respecting the Absolute Truth

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

My heart is a little heavy today as I write this, and I'm honestly hoping that sharing this today will help lighten the metaphorical weight I feel on my shoulders.

I've spent a lot of time most recently digging very deep into the minds of others, particularly other metaphysically educated, spirit quest oriented and magical or esoteric inclined. In short, I made a point of finding other people "like me" and really diving in to their writings, their journals/blogs and their Philosophies. You could say I was doing my best to grasp as much as I could of what they might consider their "Truth."

I did this for many reasons, but I do feel that the primary reason is I was strengthening my own understanding, as well as what I seem to always be doing: seeking further understanding about the place where I live, this "world."

But what I found honestly disturbed me.

And it wasn't because I found beliefs that were outside of my comfort zone or too radical. What upset me were the number of beliefs that were held as Absolute Truths.

And by Absolute Truth, I mean they are presented and given as the only interpretation or understanding of a subject, and therefore anyone that had a different, divergent or parallel opinion (much less opposite, opposing or irrelevant one) was Absolutely WRONG.

And that strikes me to my core as fully WRONG practice and beliefs, in that I think it crosses an important line. 

So I wanted to write about that today. I have come to believe that what I firmly lock into my own reality is exactly what I experience, on a fundamental and profound level actually.

I believe and have experienced the fact that we all are very much responsible for the reality we experience here on "the world." What we believe to be fundamental nature of reality seems to come to be, at least from one or more of the multidimensional perspective at looking at anything around us. So when someone states that all of our reality is a particular god's or entity's to own and that anyone else who has another god (or other exalted or advanced being) to put as primary to their perspective must be absolutely WRONG, well when we hold that as our Truth, I firmly feel we're going against what we were put here on Earth to do.

That is, from my own experience/perspective so far, to bring the Light that is naturally in our heart to places where that Light is dim or has not shown before (for me, I call it the "love that is" and it's my own energy signature). It's hard to put more details of that into words, to be absolutely honest. It's a concept that's probably best expressed in the Higher Dimensions, purely conceptualized. I just know that so far my job has involved a lot of energy "movement" that's been most entirely out of my conscious control but is slowly introduced to my awareness, and I also know that all for me at the very least "feels" the most comfortable and safe when I approach all aspects of my path with a direct line to love, agape and devotion to my Creator.

That, and I'm shown systematically what "I am" and given what amounts to bare hints to help me get to what I want "to be." And of course, all while that happens, I can feel the physical and metaphysical changes rapidly accelerating through my physical form as Ascension continues.

So what is most certainly true is that the True Nature of reality, if there even is such a thing, is such that what I am and/or have become is not given to know the full extent of the truth I'm actually living. So I only have one complete option that satisfies all parts of me, to my core: I hold on to Trust absolutely. Trust in the Divine Plan. Trust in the energy/being I call "God," and the "Goddess." And I trust I am truly becoming as I move forward living this life from a completely immortal Spirit perspective, rather than the survival instinct and fear-based existence of the mortal coil I have been up until now. I truly believe that whatever I am, that "Robert" may not get to exist forever (or he might yet, just wait and see), but the essence and soul containing my experiences certainly does.

Enlightened Approach to Truth

But stating another's beliefs or interpretations or even their mythology as lies, falsehoods or mistakes creates this distortion of energy that would not exist if the more enlightened approach is used:

You have your Truth, and I respect that to be True for You.
I have my Truth, and You respect that to be True for Me.

Therefore the only Absolute Truth is this great, big potentially endless multivariate, multi-pronged, multi-dimensional Omniverse is this:

Your Truth is Yours, When Sovereign of Your Reality. All other Beings are Equal and are equally Correct in their perceived and/or experienced Reality. 

Which I guess is so much easier to state that, as far as I can tell, especially in the New Energies of whatever space I find myself in now: the Spiritual Concept of EQUALITY is paramount as an essential component and Law of the Universe. All are Equal, None are Superior or Inferior to Any Other, as all are simply on their own Path of Understanding, leading to their own Unique Destination Reality.

And maybe that's not the Ultimate Truth of the Universe, as I'm pretty positive that where I'm sitting in Awareness right now, I can't fathom anything close to the Full Scope of everything that is in existence and beyond, but I do know that in my heart I sense that I am in Full Command of my experiences each day, on a very base and primordial level. And I also sense that every other being I interact with each day is also capable (at least) and is certainly deserving to be as equally as in charge of their own experienced Reality.

To deny to another being even the very chance to be "correct" in their particular perspective of a physical life seems like a real tragedy to me. I mean, if that perspective is a right to cause and collect harm at all available opportunities, then I might not have such a thing in my own belief or experienced Reality, as I'd choose to never fully believe in it.

So it'd never cross my path in this, my perception I call my Personal Reality.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/4/14

Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/4/14 – New Reality Manifestation: Phase One

Today is a 6 Frequency day with a 44 Sub-frequency influence and a 444 Passive Potential
The I AM Keyword phrases for 6, 44 and 444 are:
6 – I AM Love’s Responsibility
44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis
444 – I AM Multi-dimensional Expansion of Form
Today’s frequency combination is one we have not ever seen before since I began doing these reports back last August, so we are being gifted with brand new frequencies to assist us with the Co-creative process of manifesting our New Reality.
The 6 energy is about taking on our individual responsibility in caring for our family. This means, not only our immediate birth family, which is always where we start; but it then extends out in ever widening circles until it encompasses the whole of The Family of Man.
It is about taking on our Responsibility out of a sense of Love, not out of a sense of obligation, and teaches us how to care for family without becoming overly critical and trying to make everyone exist in the world in the manner we see and believe to be the most proper; but instead doing so in a fashion that fosters each individual to be responsible for self.
This is the Mother aspect of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, teaching others by words, deeds and actions of Love, not by coercion, force, guilt and intimidation, in how to think for their Self and be responsible in their interactions with others and the world as a whole.
Just as an added bit of information, Gardenia Essences and aroma vibrate to this frequency, so they can be very useful in doing the work of the 6 Frequency. If you have a tendency to be a bit overbearing in your interactions with others Gardenia can show you the path to lead by tender words and loving example instead.
Today is a good day to spend some time focusing on the Feminine Frequency Energies and looking at what needs to be brought back into balance within yourself and your relationships with others, especially your immediate family and close friends.
The 44 Frequency of today supports the work of the initial Foundation building by speaking of the fact that our world IS built upon, and supported by a Sacred Structure that is strong and safe; and with all that is transpiring in the mainstream world right now, we can all use the awareness of being supported in our Spiritual Journey.
The 44 Frequency is the frequency where the igniting of the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind that lies dormant in the 2 Frequency occurs. Here within the 44 Frequency is where Ruling and Governmental Bodies work at their best; where those in positions of power learn to come together and to work toward what is best for everyone concerned. This Frequency is where we learn to come together and act in accordance for All… as ONE.
The 44 Frequency is also about Metamorphosis.
The new path into the Multi-dimensional realms we, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity are beginning down will change us and our perceptions of Reality. This new path will change us is ways, that at this stage of our journey we cannot yet even begin to imagine; especially under the multi 7 Frequency we are being heavily influenced by for all of 2014.
At this point in projected space and time we are only beginning to think about, and comprehend what the concept of a Universe of Infinite Possibilities looks like and how it responds and operates.
Remember, Metamorphosis is beyond simple ordinary change.
Change makes your reality different, but Metamorphosis births you into a completely different and New Reality. Metamorphosis is being born anew into a reality you never even knew existed before.
The 444 Frequency is the frequency where the expansion of our Multi-dimensional Self and Reality begins in earnest. Here what has been conceived in the 111 Frequency, then gone through a time of gestation preparing its self for birth in the 222 Frequency, and then birthed through the 333 Multi-dimensional Birth Portal, begins to grow and move into existence in a much more solid and physical form. If we were to compare this to the human physical process of birth we would say the “Child has been born”.
This is the beginning of the Manifestation we will start to see evidence of this month; April 2014.
With today’s frequency combination we are being guided to take on more responsibility, more conscious responsibility, for the Awakening of the Collective Consciousness and the building of our New World and Future, as well as becoming more fully responsible for the creation of our Individual reality and life.
We are being shown that we are beginning to move into a Multi-dimensional Reality, and everything we have ever believed and held to be the limits of what our reality is, is getting ready to change in ways we cannot yet really comprehend. As a matter of fact, this change is already occurring and we can see it if we look for it and accept it.
For those interested in focusing on the work of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality during the month of April 2014 today we begin the first of three phases of this month’s work.
Phase one is four days in length. Phase two will begin on Friday, April 11th, and will be seven days in length, and phase three will begin on Sunday, April 20th, and be eleven days in length.
This month’s overall focus and work is the Initial Manifestation into the Physical Realms the Intentions we Set into place on the New Moon/Black Moon on March 3oth, 2014.
We have been working on the Conscious Creation of these Intentions, really since the first of the year, and this month we can expect to see the very earliest signs of them manifesting into our physical everyday life and reality.
In phase one, Friday, April 4 through Monday, April 7th, 2014 we need to spend as much time as possible focusing on our Goals and Consciously putting energy into the start of forming and creating the Foundation upon which our New Reality will establish its self.
What this means varies by individual, as far as our personal lives and realities are concerned. As examples, some who are working toward opening a business might need to focus on and visualize signing purchase papers on a new building in which to operate this new business. Those who are looking to offer services of some sort to others might need to focus on and visualize how to best attract clients; maybe special offers to make, etc.
As for our part in the creation of a New Reality for the Collective Consciousness, maybe we need to spend time focusing and visualizing our Planet and all peoples on it living in harmony and equality, and project this image out into the Field of Potentiality for it to gather strength and grow.
These four days are a time to really focus on our Goals, a time to focus on creating the Foundation of a New Reality.
It is time to understand that you, each of you who have heard this call, are to be among the first to assist in the Creation of the Template of the Foundation for this New Reality. A New Reality not only for yourself, but for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as a whole.  
You may start with creating the Foundation Template for your New Individual Reality, but by doing this you are assisting in creating a Template for the Foundation of a New Reality for the rest of the Collective Consciousness to follow suit and build upon also.  
Just always keep in mind that the Template for this New Reality Foundation must be created from the Highest Frequency of Love and Equality for all; a Frequency of Love that sets none above, or below another.
Whatever it is you know you need to do to start this Foundation building for your New Reality to stand on; that is what you need to focus on for the next four days as much as possible.
See this New Reality, and see yourself in it. Feel what living in this New Reality feels like. Hear the sounds of this New Reality, and Smell the smells. Bring this New Reality to life and create its Foundation.
A quick correction of sorts
Back on the 2nd I shared that during the month of April not only will we see two 4/22 Frequency combination days, (including that day’s), but that we will also see four others days with frequencies we have not seen before.
After looking closer I realize we will actually have six days, today being one of those six, and four different frequencies this month we have not seen before; one day, the 13th of April, 2014 will actually have 2 different frequencies and a frequency combination we have not ever seen before.
We are being gifted with some very high frequencies to work with this month!
IN-Joy working with today’s frequency and let’s begin this month’s work of Initial Manifestation of our New Reality into the physical realms.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation
Essence Ka tha’ras

© 2014 Essence Ka tha’ras
Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round
 Please feel free to share this information, but only in its entirety, and with credit to the
Author – Essence Ka tha’ras
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