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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finding the All-Present God of Silence and the Still, Silence Within

Finding the All-Present God of Silence and the Still, Silent Within

or... "Finally Awake, and the Day is Perfect"

I found the NOW
In that Still, Silent Place
Within the Quietest Space
Between Any Frantic Thought
In that perfectly Relaxed Time
Before Each Beat of My Divine Sacred Heart

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Breathe, Believe and Be
Sunrise.  (Image Credit)

     Last night I didn't sleep a wink because somehow I gave in to something I have had a block on for a while now. I started creating something - a website actually - that has no financial profitability whatsoever. It's just a bit of a magical framework, a system aligned and focused on synchronicity and allowing "that's logical" to be replaced with "this feels true." And then when finally giving in to that creative artist inside of me... I fell in to that still, silent place inside of me. Suddenly I could hear my own thinking, and while at first that was startling. 

A True Spiritual Awakening

I soon "remembered" how easy that voice is to calm with a constant flow of blissful love - with the light I am emanating stronger than ever. And then when my inner voice stopped, when the endless questions and observations finally took a breath for air... I just paused for a few human seconds... And I was then aware of... well, from my perspective I'll say "I found the larger part of me and the smaller part of me were overlapping, fully aware of each other." At the same time we said "well hello" and burst out laughing, which confused that blissful connection a bit. Easy to find again though.. as we're one and the same, two sides of the same coin I guess.

Within, Inside, Between

I am calling it the place that exists between the words in a paragraph... or the space between your heart beats... I had been trying to always go "up" and "out" to connect with the rest of me. And here my sacred heart space is found by looking for all the quiet spaces within and between everything. To get back there to explore that silence (by relaxing in to a state of stillness), I can simply whisper "Clear Mind, Open Heart," stopping my breath in between the two phrases and freezing all movement, thought and all action ...and just embracing that place: the all-present and all-knowing Now.

Because here is where all the secrets of the Universe will be shared. Here is where I am confident that if I need to know something or do something, the flow and vortex of utter stillness will ensure I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

And the fascinating thing of the whole matter is that I've been in that very location, in the flow, doing what I'm supposed to be doing, the whole time! All the anxiety and fear I've felt, and while I'd say that was a LOT, I'm also sitting here experiencing a cloud of forgetting about that anxiety and fear entirely! 

Betting all my chips in life on Faith and Trust apparently means I will always beat any odds.

And now I sense more Truth: the odds are based on the idea that something could possibly be "random," but here in the flow, there is no doubt: there's no such thing as "random" in this entire Universe. Rather, REALITY is the most painstakingly nuanced work of Art - all Orchestrated and Divine: absolute perfection hidden behind a fake mask of harshness and difficulty.

There is simply the illusion that random could possibly exist as long as one is still convincing oneself of anything other than the reality of our perfect, beautiful existence. We truly are exactly as we were designed to be, and it is correct to also say "we are exactly as we designed ourselves to be."

Wake Up and Find Your Now

Embrace that beautiful and quiet place inside your Heart, hidden between all your racing and rapid thoughts. Look for it in the time of rest between the beating of your blessed heart. 

 There you'll find your Now. When found, spend as much so-called "Time" as you wish there. Above all else, you build your Unity with that which is ALL.

Apparently, I still need to remind myself to BELIEVE to fully accept the destiny I prepared for myself when stepping in to my pretend idea of human frailty, as any weakness and lack of resources inside of me used to be illusions, and now those very ideas are rapidly moving to the realm of nonexistence.


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