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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Soul Group's Mission and a Crucifixion

Ouch. Crucifixion, Anyone?

Crucifixion and Resurrection
Resurrection Imminent

Making room for SOUL burns, doesn't it? It's invigorating, but it honestly burns like the fires of hell in the middle of July.

Which I guess would probably be pretty darn hot, wouldn't they?

I met my Soul Group yesterday, and we discussed the KNOWING of what our Group came to this place to be responsible for bringing about.

I also learned some fundamental truths about aspect of my BEing. I was greeted and given protection by two beautiful spirits from the Dragon Realm.  My human life had such a long love-affair with the fantastic, such as dragons and magic, all the while he had (that is to say - *I had*) no waking awareness of the ancient Dragon Spirits coiled together within him (me).

SELF = Higher SELF

I am not fully aware of Highest Self, not consciously aware yet of such anyway, but I am fully I've also found quite a bit of joy (and if I'm honest, some fear as well) interacting with the higher dimensions. I recognize the transition accelerates, which as this process unfolds, the 3D reality fades as fast as my understanding of what I was changes to what I AM in TRUTH.

I've also found that what I am is something that some of the higher dimensional beings find difficult to work with too closely.  When a higher dimensional being has conversed with me, they of course are expecting to be speaking to my higher dimensional aspect.  But the thing is, I AM my higher dimensional aspect.  That's my Ascension Process.  I reached up to my Higher Self and invited that part of me to descend into my Human Vehicle to experience life on Earth fully...

Also, from both sides of the veil - fundamentally, there is a lot of confusion about how the other side operates - at least while waking up, anyway. The higher dimensional frequencies allow for living in a blissful state, which makes it hard to remember exactly how much it hurts to have a physical existence. And the awareness of the physical SELF becomes painful.

We are taught to turn into that pain, to literally swim in it in order to dispel, transmute and evaporate that which has locked us in the lower dimensions for so long.

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